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AMZ Watcher is the simple way to find and fix your broken Amazon Affiliate links from within WordPress. The plugin is a powerful tool that helps you fix broken links and increase conversions of your reviews and affiliate content.

Here’s what AMZ Watcher can do for you:
– find and fix links to broken Amazon products
– find low quality (and thus low-converting) products you link out to
– find missing and invalid affiliate tags
– get alerts when your site has broken affiliate links

Core Features Overview

Find Broken and Unavailable Links to Amazon

AMZ Watcher checks your website for Amazon links and monitors product availability. Increase your revenue by showing only relevant working links to your readers.

Find Missing Amazon Affiliate Tags

Check which links on your website have specific affiliate tags. Achieve an instant increase of in revenue by adding affiliate tags, where they are missing.

Get Notified When Products Become Unavailable

Get daily email notifications about unavailable products. Minimize the time you have broken links on your website.

Use the Content Editor to speed up link replacement

Effortlessly keep track of your broken links for any page or post inside of the Content Editor.

Check Broken Links on International Amazon Stores

We support a whole plethora of international Amazon stores:
* United States
* Canada
* Brazil
* France
* Germany
* India
* Italy
* Mexico
* Spain
* United Kingdom
* more countries are work-in-progress

Combine AMZ Watcher with other plugins

We are compatible with popular plugins: link management, cloaking, geotargeting plugins and others.

Testimonials – Amazon Affiliates Love Us

We’ve made an impact since launching the first version of AMZ Watcher some years ago. AMZ Watcher is, in our opinion, the best Amazon Affilaite WordPress plugin. Don’t just take our word for it though:

“AMZ Watcher is a smart tool. Takes a 6 hour task and reduces it to 6 seconds.” – Matt Diggity, Diggity Marketing

“AMZ Watcher is a great tool. Not many people realize how many of their affiliate links are broken, or don’t even have an affiliate ID attached.Not only that, many products become unavailable and you end up leaving money on the table by linking your users to products that aren’t for sale, making them leave Amazon without a purchase. Amzwatcher makes it pretty easy to fix all of this and save a lot of time in the process.We have it monitoring most of our sites now and regularly find broken links, so it’s a big time saver and money maker.” – Dom Wells, and ex-HumanProofDesigns

“After I had fixed my broken links, I started seeing a lot more sales from the products I was promoting. Even though the clicks remained steady, the number of orders and earning increased.” – Ben Adler, Affiliate Niche Builder

See more testimonials.

Tell me more

What about if you want to check your site entirely, including all pages of your site?

With the Pro version of AMZ Watcher, you can perform a link check for all pages of your WordPress website quickly and easily. Take the time spent fixing links from hours upon hours to minutes.

I’m sold! Show me Pro

What’s this about Pro?

AMZ Watcher Pro or AMZ Watcher paid plan gives you an unlimited access to your link checking preferences:
– ability to get full crawl reports
– ability to pick your own crawling schedule
– ability to monitor your YouTube Channel
– ability to use a sitemap to specify which pages you want crawled
– ability to find alternatives to the same affiliate products you are linking out
– uncapped daily page checks
– priority support

Upgrade to a paid plan (AMZ Watcher PRO) to get these great benefits and more!

Sending cold emails? Check our mailarrow.

سکرین شاٹاں

  • See an overview of the latest crawl completed by AMZ Watcher on your Dashboard.
  • Check a list of your past crawl jobs on the plugin page.
  • Open a site report to see which broken links AMZ Watcher has found on your website.
  • Configure your plugin usage with ease. See your plan data and disable the widget on the settings page.
  • See all your page links inside of a table underneath your Content Editor.

انسٹال کرݨ

AMZ Watcher is easy to install and configure.

  1. Upload the amzwatcher directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Visit the AMZ Watcher settings page and enter your AMZ Watcher API Key

That’s it!

ہرہک دے سوال

Is AMZ Watcher truly free?

Yes! AMZ Watcher is a freemium software provided to anyone looking to optimize their affiliate site. The free version includes broken links reports for some pages of your site. If you would like to get full reports, please upgrade.

How often are my links checked?

AMZ Watcher gives you different options: you can pick how often you want your links checked. Currently it is possible to check your links from once every 1, 3, 5, 7, 14 and 28 days. This setting will have an effect on how fast you are using up your page credits.

How do page credits work?

Page credit system is something AMZ Watcher uses to measure your account usage. One page credit equals to AMZ Watcher going to a single page on your site or on Amazon.
Every time AMZ Watcher does a site check, it does a full crawl of your site and then checks all the pages on Amazon you link out to.

Consider this scenario:
Your site has 100 pages with 50 commercial(money) pages and 5 links to unique products on Amazon on average.
This makes a total of 100 site pages + 250 unique Amazon product pages AMZ Watcher needs to check to do a full scan. These 350 pages are equal to 350 credits that are spent on a single crawl.
Monitoring this site once a week will cost you 1400 credits per month just for this site.

Do you have a daily page check limit?

No, we do not have a daily page check limit. Our tool works great with sites of all sizes, from 10 page niche sites to 20,000+ pages large authority sites.

How long do you keep my data?

Historical data is kept for one year.

I just want to use AMZ Watcher once to find invalid links. Is it possible?

Yes. You’re free to take a subscription just for one month and cancel your account when your work is done. Note, when cancelling your account, you will lose access to all your data until you re-subscribe again.

Does AMZ Watcher register clicks in my Amazon Associates Dashboard?

AMZ Watcher does not “click” any clicks, so the link checking we do is not registered in your amazon affiliate dashboard. We split any identifying information like affiliate id and link id from your links and this does not create clicks on amazon’s end.

How can I upgrade my plan?

Select the desired subscription plan from the Pricing page and follow the steps to upgrade. Depending on your current plan and its prepaid period, you’ll only pay the prorated amount in the first payment for the new plan.

Is AMZ Watcher compatible with WordPress multisite?

AMZ Watcher is compatible with WordPress multisite, but it allows connection to only one website crawl reports at a time.

What support is provided?

Limited free support is provided, and we offer dedicated priority email and live chat support for our AMZ Watcher users.

Where can I find out about the pricing of AMZ Watcher?

Find out all relevant pricing information over on our official site.


جولائی 5, 2021 2 replies
If you manage Amazon affiliate links in any volume, this plugin will save you or your VA a ton of time! Comes with a quick & easy dashboard that shows all your Amazon links (based on your AMZ Watcher account limits), product status (in stock / out of stock), product rating and number of reviews (very helpful for round-up reviews), your affiliate ID, and number of referring pages with the product. A report is added to each the Post editor as well to remind you if any products are unavailable or if affiliate ID tags are missing. Overall, it’s a must have for new or existing Amazon affiliates – the visual dashboard makes it easy to spot any issues with your links, so you don’t miss out on any commission opportunities. If you have broken/error links, I recommend replacing them with a plugin like Better Search Replace.
جولائی 2, 2021
Even though i had to register for a free account at AMZ Watcher website, i found some broken links which is cool. Really useful for keeping my site clean
سارے 2 ریویو پڑھو

Contributors & Developers

“Amazon Affiliate Link Checker – AMZ Watcher” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.

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AMZ Watcher 1.0.8

Bug fixes and improvements

AMZ Watcher 1.0.7

Allow viewing of adming page for editors

AMZ Watcher 1.0.6

User bug fixes

AMZ Watcher 1.0.5

Bug fixes and improvements

AMZ Watcher 1.0.4

Improve Naming and Description

AMZ Watcher 1.0.2

The new AMZ Watcher Plugin was completely rebuilt from the ground up to be provide a better user experience and integrate into the WordPress UI in a more standardized manner.