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AppMySite – Create an app with the Best Mobile App Builder

AppMySite – Create an app with the Best Mobile App Builder


Build premium mobile apps with the AppMySite Mobile App Builder. Redefine your online business with native apps for both Android and iOS.

Create your own app with AppMySite’s free app maker by simply following steps below:

  • Create your account on AppMySite
  • Personalize the app appearance of your app
  • Connect your website and app with the AppMySite WordPress plugin
  • Download ready-to-publish app builds and submit them on Google Play and Apple App Store

For more details, visit:

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What does the AppMySite plugin do?

The AppMySite plugin essentially connects your WordPress website with the app you build on it. Once you download and activate the plugin, all the content from your website will automatically and instantly be integrated on your app as well.


Some of the many salient features of AppMySite’s online app builder are:

  • Native Mobile Apps
    Create a native mobile app from your WordPress website and offer your app users an authentic mobile app experience.

  • **Multi-platform support
    Make premium mobile apps for both Android and iOS platforms using your WordPress and WooCommerce websites.

  • **No coding required
    Build WordPress & WooCommerce apps on AppMySite without writing a single line of code. Breeze through app development with simple no-code workflows.

  • **Real-time website-app sync
    Sync your website with your app in real time. Ensure every change you make on your website reflects instantly and automatically on your mobile app.

  • **Deep WooCommerce integration
    Connect your WooCommerce store and app to sync products, categories, and other data to the native interface of your mobile app.

  • **Support for custom post types & taxonomies
    Sync content created with third-party plugins and themes to your mobile app. Show any custom post type or taxonomy in your app’s side menu and bottom bar.

  • **Instant App Delivery
    Make your own app in minutes. Download your ready-to-publish builds from AppMySite when you are done building your app.

  • **Affordable subscription plans
    Choose from a range of flexible and affordable subscription plans that match your needs.

  • **Automatically import website menu
    Import your WordPress website menu to the app automatically. Additionally, you can create your own menu with AppMySite as well.

  • **Universal payment gateway support
    AppMySite supports any payment gateway integrated with your WooCommerce store. The payment gateway on your website will seamlessly integrate with your app as well.

  • **Universal shipping support
    AppMySite will show all shipping methods active on your WooCommerce store in your app. No matter which plugin you’re using to customize and add shipping methods, AppMySite will be able to support it.

  • **Personalized app design
    Customize your mobile app with a range of options to design app icon, launch screen, log-in & sign-up screens, and color theme.

  • **Customize the design
    Manage categories, add unlimited products, arrange sections, integrate CMS pages, and get access to your blogs, all from the home screen of your app.

  • **Enhanced web-view
    Showcase your app home screen and internal screens in a highly optimized web-view environment.

  • **Multi-platform app preview
    Preview your app on both Android and iOS emulators. Get multiple device options with each emulator to thoroughly test your app.

  • **Real device testing
    Test your mobile app on a real smartphone with the AppMySite demo app. Evaluate your app performance and design in a real mobile environment.

  • **Cart and Checkout Integration
    Get an efficient cart & seamless checkout for your WooCommerce app. Ensure the best shopping experience for your customers.

  • **Smart filter & sort options
    Use smart filters, search, and sort options for enhanced discovery within your WordPress and WooCommerce apps.

  • **Smart menu navigation
    Create your app’s side menu and bottom bar from scratch. Add items, select icons, and set item types to configure your app menus. You can also sync your website’s menu to the app.

  • **One-click chat integration
    Integrate your website’s chat software with the app and chat with your customers directly. Resolve any issues your customers face by offering one-click chat options and optimizing customer support.

  • **Analytics for your app
    Understand your app usage better with the Analytics feature. Track app traffic, downloads, most searched terms, popular screens, and more.

  • **Auto-publish your iOS app
    Automatically submit new versions of your iOS app to the Apple App Store. Simply submit new iOS builds from within your AppMySite account.

  • **Add unlimited CMS pages
    Add unlimited CMS pages to your app. Display all essential pages from your website including about us, privacy policy, contact, and more.

  • **Social Media Integration
    Integrate your social media handles with your mobile app and grow visibility on key online platforms.
    Simplified user login
    Simple user onboarding with options to log in with Google, Facebook, and email accounts. Additionally, you can enable guest browsing and checkout.
    Extensive add-on library
    Simplify your app-making journey with a range of add-ons designed to improve your app on different levels.
    Invite team members
    Collaborate with your team members and work together to build a perfect mobile app on AppMySite.
    Multilingual support
    Enable your app users and customers to choose the language of their choice within the app.
    Extensive knowledge base
    Find extensive guides, video walkthroughs, and FAQ sections explaining the process of creating a mobile app on AppMySite.

WooCommerce Integrations

The AppMySite WordPress plugin integrates seamlessly into a wide range of themes and plugins, all of which cannot be listed here. We work particularly well with:


Thank you WordPress and WooCommerce for the inspiration.

Quick Links

Help Center
Product Roadmap
Demo iOS App
Demo Android App

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انسٹال کرݨ

[The AppMySite plugin does not have a interface within WordPress.]

  1. Install the AppMySite plugin, or upload it to the plugins directory.
  2. Activate the plugin using the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Login or register on www.appmysite.com


مئی 17, 2024
I’ve been with an open ticket for two months to solve the checkout problem of my site, and support can’t solve it
مارچ 18, 2023
I was flabbergasted when I opened up the preview on an actual device the first time. It looked fantastic. I am very happy with my choice to use this app vs the others.
جنوری 6, 2023
It has been a very pleasant experience. I knew absolutely nothing about android and apple apps and publishing them. With AppMySite it has been a pleasure. When I’m stuck I simply send them a message and within seconds they know exactly how to help me. My app has been publish on both platforms and the entire process took only a few days. I would highly recommend investing in AppMySite. Their business ethics are beyond anything I’ve ever seen from any tech company and they work on fixing bugs promptly.
نومبر 4, 2022
How can reply on this plugin when you take 2-3 days to respond? What if there is a critical issue that requires your input? I am a paid customer who is currently unhappy with this service. I thought support would be better once I sign up but that’s absolutely not the case. The plugin has compatibility issues for which the support is too late to respond. YOU CANNOT CHARGE PEOPLE PREMIUM FEE AND TAKE 3 DAYS TO RESPOND? VERY UNPROFESSIONAL!
نومبر 4, 2022
I found out about Appmysite through Appsumo. Then I lost my account and Appmysite Support helped me get my account back. Sincere thanks for the help. Best regards.!
نومبر 3, 2022
I am using this on 3 big business sites and soon will use it on many more. I have always found the support to be very helpful over the years and they have solved any issues that crop up from time to time. Whilst problems do pop up, they are always solved. I would recommend this.
سارے 138 ریویو پڑھو

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تبدیلی لاگ

2.0.0 (10th Jan, 2020)

  • Launch of AppMySite 2.0.0

2.1.0 (14th Feb, 2020)

  • Function added to verify existance of users in the database
  • Some minor enhancements and optimisations

2.2.0 (26th Feb, 2020)

  • Dashboard enhancements added to ensure better selection of products appear

2.3.0 (7th May, 2020)

  • Checkout enhancements, user experience improvements, better product filtering

2.4.0 (5th June, 2020)

  • Checkout improvements, order details page optimisation

2.4.1 (15th June, 2020)

  • Billing & Shipping improvements on the checkout

2.5.0 (24th July, 2020)

  • Catalogue sorting improvements
  • Shipping method enhancements
  • Coupon code management
  • Product variation enhancements
  • Filter by stock status

2.6.0 (30th July, 2020)

  • Discount management

2.6.1 (1st September, 2020)

  • Shipping integration improvements
  • Minor bug fixes

2.7.0 (15th October, 2020)

  • Support for woocommerce sites that do not have an additional shipping zone
  • Security improvements to meet PHP standards
  • Security improvements to meet WordPress standards
  • Minor bug fixes

2.8.0 (5th November, 2020)

  • Support for WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor plugin added
  • Minor bug fixes

2.8.1 (22nd December, 2020)

  • General bug fixes

2.9.0 (14th January, 2021)

  • Support for WooCommerce Points & Rewards added
  • Ability to change password from within the app
  • General bug fixes

2.9.1 (1st February, 2021)

  • General bug fixes

2.10.0 (5th April, 2021)

  • Support for WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping
  • General bug fixes

2.11.0 (5th May, 2021)

  • Login support for all wordpress websites, not limited to WooCommerce anymore.
  • Support for all main menus, not limited to Primary, Seconday and Footer anymore.
  • General bug fixes

3.0.0 (10th June, 2021)

  • Support for WordPress Application Passwords added
  • Support for WooCommerce product visibility settings added
  • Support for multiple instances added to WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping plugin added
  • Support for custom post types and taxonomies added
  • General bug fixes

3.0.1 (5th July, 2021)

  • General bug fixes

3.1.0 (15th September, 2021)

  • Support added for inclusive and exclusive tax settings within WooCommerce
  • Support added for the “Anyone can register” settings within WordPress -> Settings -> General
  • General bug fixes for the WooCommerce Points & Rewards plugin
  • General bug fixes for the WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping plugin
  • General bug fixes

3.2.0 (1st November, 2021)

  • Login & Register improvements
  • Email support improvements

3.2.1 (11th January, 2022)

  • Conflict issues resolved with Jetpack
  • General bug fixes

3.3.0 (3rd February, 2022)

  • Support added for all shipping plugins
  • General bug fixes

3.4.0 (28th February, 2022)

  • Plugin deactivation feedback added

3.5.0 (6th April, 2022)

  • Support for dynamic WooCommerce filters added
  • General bug fixes

3.5.1 (26th May, 2022)

  • General bug fixes

3.6.0 (16th August, 2022)

  • General bug fixes

3.7.0 (11th October, 2022)

  • General bug fixes

3.7.1 (15th November, 2022)

  • General bug fixes

3.8.0 (9th November, 2022)

  • ACF Plugin support extended
  • Product search improved
  • General bug fixes

3.9.0 (13th January, 2022)

  • New plugin interface
  • Product search related optimisations
  • AFC plugin integration improvements
  • General bug fixes

3.9.1 (14th January, 2022)

  • Moved the stable tag from /trunk to /tags for better release management

3.10.0 (6th September, 2023)

  • New health screen added
  • Ability to troubleshoot connectivity
  • Post image related issues resolved
  • Hidden product related issues resolved
  • Security improvmenets
  • General bug fixes

3.11.0 (18 December, 2023)

  • New Safe Mode feature
  • New key provision added for better connectivity troubleshooting
  • Support for HPOS added
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

3.11.1 (5th January, 2024)

  • Medium level security vulnerability fixed.

3.11.2 (30th April, 2024)

  • A bug that prevented our plugin from being activated on non-English WordPress installs has been resolved.
  • General bug fixes

3.12.0 (21st June, 2024)

  • New Bookmark feature added for posts
  • New Wishlist feature added for products
  • General bug fixes and optimizations