Blockons – Gutenberg blocks for WordPress and WooCommerce websites


Blockons!! WordPress Editor Blocks & Site Addons… It’s free, it’s customizable, and it’s built for you!

Add powerful and advanced blocks to your website to enhance the WordPress editor (previously known as the Gutenberg editor), so you can easily create engaging and visually attractive website pages.

We currently offer 17 editor blocks available at the moment (includes 3 WooCommerce blocks), but we’re working on more… And we want to build gutenberg blocks that you need… We want to offer a complete blocks solution to building your website.

Blockons Offers the following blocks

Use any of the following gutenberg blocks to build your website.

Search Bar / Icon block
The Search Bar / Icon block was originally designed for Full Site Editing, to be added to the site header or footer, but the search icon block can be used as a normal search bar, and used anywhere on your website. It will add an editable search bar or an icon with a search bar drop down or popup for your site viewers to search for content on your website.

Line Heading block
Our Line heading block is similar to the original heading block, but if offers a lot more customizations for the heading, and can also add lines to enhance the heading styling. The heading text and line is fully customizable to suit the style you’re looking for.

Icon List block
Use better icon list items to display on your website, a fully customizable list with your own icons simply makes your lists better to look at and is sure to be more attractive to the viewers eye.

Content Toggler block
Show & Hide longer sections of content by using the content toggler block. Users can click to show and re-hide the content (Inner blocks) that have been added within the toggle block.

Accordion(s) block
Display content in a (click to) show or hide accordion style block… This is good for displaying lots of content in an expandable section or content such as Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) where your users can select and click for the content they want to see.

Advanced Image Gallery block
Select from 3 beautiful layouts, to display your galleries, as well as image hover animations & caption display options:

Default Grid layout – Use the normal, neat grid type layout with lots of customization options for your image gallery.
Masonry Gallery Layout – Display your images in a neat masonry type layout which is sort of like a mason fitting stones in a wall, or like the Pinterest blocks layout
Featured Grid Layout – The Featured grid offers small and large images all neatly tiled together to create a beautiful gallery.

Image Comparison block
The Image Comparison block allows you to display and compare the differences between two images side by side (or above and below each other), and view them by using an action slider to compare the images.

Marketing Button block
Basically an advanced button block. The marketing button lets you add a stand out CTA (call-to-action) button with an icon, heading and text to attract your users to click through.

Progress Bars block
Add animated progress bars to visually display percentage amounts on your website. Progress bars are fully customizable for you to change text, thickness and colors.

Testimonials Slider block
Display customer star rated feedback or user comments in a neat testimonial slider or carousel block. Testimonials will help your viewers gain trust on your brand. Display an image, name, star rating and a comment about your work or products. Fully customizable with different layouts and custom colors.

Video Slider block
Neatly display any Youtube, Vimeo or custom hosted Videos in a powerful video slider or carousel block. Customize the colors and cover image. The Videos will play when a user clicks on the slide they want to watch.

WooCommerce Blocks

Do you have the WooCommerce plugin activated?
If you do, Blockons also includes the following WooCommerce blocks for your online store.

WooCommerce Account Icon – WooCommerce block
Add a simple icon to your header or footer to let users quickly access their account or login to your website. Select from different account icons and change the colors as you like, and when the user is logged in, you can display quick links to the different WooCommerce account pages.

WooCommerce Mini Cart – WooCommerce block
Add a customizable WooCommerce cart to your site header or footer, or anywhere you like, with an optional drop down basket so your users can edit their cart, or simply Go to Cart and/or Checkout to complete their purchase.

WooCommerce Featured Product – WooCommerce block
Add a product standout featured block for a selected product, with multiple display and design settings, bring attention to a product for your viewers to see. Let the viewers click through to the WooCommerce product or Add to Cart from the featured product block.

🔸 Can’t find the blocks you need?
We’re working on adding lots more blocks… Send us some ideas and maybe we can add on the blocks you need next!

Blockons Offers the following Site Add-ons

Website Page Loader
Display a neat loader while your images and page contents are loading… This prevents the website viewers seeing any broken layouts or images before they are loaded. Customize the loader background and colors to suit your website.

Page Scroll Indicator
Add a scroll progress bar to the top or bottom of your website pages which indicates to the website viewers how far they have scrolled, or how far they have left to scroll on the page. This gives users a visual indication of how far they are on the page which is useful when users are reading blog posts or long website pages.

Back To Top Button
Add a customizable Back to Top button to your website to let users easily and quickly scroll back to the start of the page with one click.

🔸 We’re working on more site add-ons too!
Contact us if you have any ideas of cool website features to add.

We’re here to help!

We want to offer the best plugin out there, and the best support… Bugs do happen, so please forgive us, but if you find a bug or anything not working as you need then please reach out to us to help.

Fast & Intuitive

Blockons is built to be a fast & lightweight, and easy to work with, for building your WordPress and WooCommerce website.

Blockons blocks are built with the latest methods and technologies for creating gutenberg blocks for the WordPress block editor… Our editor blocks are built the WordPress way, so it’s super fast and offers very powerful and advanced editor blocks.

We’d even bet our gutenberg editor blocks are a lot more customizable than other block plugins out there.

We’re concerned about bloat code!

Blockons blocks are built with the newest methods (and technologies) for building WordPress editor blocks… Meaning it doesn’t have old deprecated ways of adding blocks like when the new WordPress (or Gutenberg) editor first got added, it’s reached an established way of building blocks, and that’s the way we’re doing it!


We’re always needing new translations, so please contact us here if you are willing to help translate Blockons into a language that we don’t have.

سکرین شاٹاں

  • Blockons Blocks Manager - Select which blocks to enable or disable
  • Blockons Site Add-Ons - Add extra features to your WordPress website


This plugin provides 17 blocks.

  • Marketing Button
  • Image Slider / Carousel
  • Content Toggler
  • Line Heading
  • Testimonials
  • Progress Bars
  • WooCommerce Mini Cart
  • Advanced Image Gallery
  • Advanced Slider
  • Count Down Timer
  • WooCommerce Featured Product
  • Image Comparison
  • WooCommerce Account Icon
  • Video Slider
  • Accordions
  • Search Bar/Popup
  • Icon List

انسٹال کرݨ


Blockons does not require any other plugins, but Blockons offers extra WooCommerce blocks if you have the WooCommerce plugin installed and active.


Installing Blockons can be done either by searching for “Blockons” via Plugins > Add New screen in your WordPress dashboard, or by using the following steps:

  1. Download the plugin via
  2. Upload the ZIP file through the Plugins > Add New > Upload screen in your WordPress dashboard
  3. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress

ہرہک دے سوال

Will Blockons work with my theme?

Blockons should work with ALL themes! But as themes and plugins add their own CSS or Javascript which might affect any plugin from working perfectly… We’re here to help… Let us know if something doesn’t work and we’ll help you fix it.

Where are the Blockons settings?

The Blockons manager settings and Site Add-Ons are found in the WordPress Dashboard under Dashboard -> Settings -> Blockons Settings.

Blocks Settings – As you add each block you will be able to edit the block live within the WordPress editor. Some of the settings also have help links or hints on how to use them.

I don’t see the WooCommerce blocks?

For the WooCommerce blocks (Account Icon, Featured Products & Mini Cart) you need to have the WooCommerce plugin activated.

Will Blockons work with other block plugins?

We’ve tested with lots of different gutenberg blocks plugins like CoBlocks, Ultimate Blocks, Spectra, GenerateBlocks, Otter page builder blocks & Gutenverse gutenberg blocks to name a few… Blockons should not affect or be affected by other blocks plugins or page builders.

I don’t see the same amount of blocks?

When we add new blocks, by default they are turned off… This is encase you’ve manually turned blocks off for site speed and loading.

We don’t want to auto-turn them on, so you’ll need to go to Dashboard -> Settings -> Blockons Settings -> Blocks and turn on the new blocks that you want to use.

You should receive a ‘We’ve added new blocks’ notice (which is dismissable) when we add new blocks.

This block contains unexpected or invalid content

This is most likely from a latest update adding new settings to the block, and so WordPress displays this warning because the blocks editor version looks slightly different to the saved frontend version of the block.

Clicking “Attempt Block Recovery” should fix the block.

Read more on block recovery here.

I found a bug… What do I do?

Please contact us so we can post a fix and get it working for you.

Something doesn’t look right or is slightly out in the design?

This could be from the theme you’re using, or another plugin. Again, please contact us so we can post a fix or give you custom CSS to fix it.


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Contributors & Developers

“Blockons – Gutenberg blocks for WordPress and WooCommerce websites” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.

حصہ پاوݨ آلے

تبدیلی لاگ


  • Styling tweaks/fixes
  • Added compatibility & declaration for WC HPOS feature
  • Version compatibility for WP 6.3 & WC 8.0
  • Update Freemius SDK 2.5.12
  • Updated the language .pot file
  • NEW: Added a new Count Down Timer block


  • Styling tweaks/fixes
  • Updated plugin tags
  • Update Freemius SDK 2.5.10
  • Updated the language .pot file


  • Styling tweaks/fixes
  • Fixed Accordions to toggle only on title click
  • Version compatibility for WC 7.7
  • Fixed Dropdown component ‘position deprecated’ warning
  • Fix Video Slider block JS bug
  • NEW: Added a new Content Toggler block
  • Updated Freemius SDK
  • Updated the language .pot file


  • Styling tweaks/fixes
  • Version compatibility for WC 7.5 & WP 6.2
  • Fixed website loader & page scroll indicator issues
  • Fixed layout bug when duplicating slider blocks
  • Updated blocks icons to custom icons
  • Improved settings page responsiveness
  • Updated the language .pot file
  • NEW: Added new Advanced Slider Block


  • Styling tweaks/fixes
  • Added missing translations to settings
  • Added minimum PHP verison number
  • Updated the language .pot file


  • Styling tweaks/fixes
  • Updated block(s) keywords
  • Added minimum required PHP version
  • NEW: Added new Advanced Image Gallery Block
  • NEW: Added new Image Comparison block


  • Styling tweaks/fixes
  • Improved compatibility with other plugins
  • Updated the language .pot file
  • Rebuilt all Slider Blocks to use Swiper JS
    NOTE: Please check all sliders are working if previously used – Testimonials, Video Slider & Image Carousel


  • Styling tweaks/fixes
  • JS fix for back to top button
  • Version compatibility bump for WP 6.1 & WC 7.1
  • Updated the language .pot file


  • Initial release