Floating Social Share Icons and Social Share buttons – Next Previous Post Links – FL


Displays social sharing icons along with fancy floating back to top and go to bottom links along with go to next post, previous post and random post links on post detail pages. Its tested and works with custom post types too.

Easy and free social media integration plugin to make your posts viral on the social network. It’s highly customisable, professional and responsive. Demo.

Engage your readers with style!


  1. Floating Social Sharing Icons or Buttons New.
  2. Floating Next Post/Page Link.
  3. Floating Previous Post/Page Link.
  4. Floating Random Post/Page Link.
  5. Floating Back to Top Link.
  6. Floating Go to Bottom Link.
  7. Floating Go to Home Link
  8. Primary and Secondary Bar
  9. Reorder the icons position
  10. Enable to navigate in same category
  11. Hide on load
  12. Show on % scroll from top
  13. Fixed/float bar
  14. Feature image on hover
  15. Change Position
  16. Minimizer and Maximizer
  17. Show Next and Previous Post Data On Hover
  18. Show Copy Current URL icon
  19. Easy settings to show hide selected buttons.
  20. Advanced design options.
  21. Change colors in customizer and see changes live.
  22. Select icons in customizer and see changes live.
  23. Change the font size of icons in customizer and see changes live.
  24. Dashicons and Fontawesome icons.
  25. Works with any theme.
  26. More to come…


Check out the demo here ->Demo


Literally, you don’t need to do anything. Just install and see the magic.


Hands down best Navi that works for me. – Clean, Functional and Genius. Makes navigating any post, blog, etc. etc. a lot easier, especially for mobile use.” – darklight99

Great Stuff – If you write continuous posts under the same category, this app is a godsend. It allows you to switch between posts of the same category.

Very great plugin for writing novels chapter by chapter” – eugenelim88

“**A simple and elegant way for viewers to “flip” through your site’s posts chronically, as if they are successive pages in a magazine. The Floating Links plug-in solved a huge problem for me — I have lots of old content (nearly 1,000 posts spanning several years) — some of which is still relevant — that people couldn’t easily browse. Now they can. Thank you!” – mfmfuller


Sure you can. It has a settings panel to show hide buttons. Advanced customizer support to change icons, colors and fonts to match the look and feel of your website.
Yeah WordPress customizer, no more guessing, see the design changes in real time.


No problem at all. Simply Enable and Disable features from particular tab/section.


Yes, we stand firmly behind our plugins. Create a support ticket:

Cool? So download and enjoy!


  1. Upload “floating-links” to the “/wp-content/plugins/” directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” menu in WordPress.
  3. You are done! Nothing more needed to make it work. Just check your home page and post detail page to see it in action.

Language Translation Contributors

Harald Wenzel(German)
Alex Lion(Chinese (Taiwan))
Jenny Dupuy(French)

سکرین شاٹاں

  • Settings panel.
  • Social icons settings.
  • Design settings.
  • Social icons.
  • Customizer panel for design/colors changes.
  • Customizer panel for change floating links position.
  • On post/custom post detail page.


جنوری 10, 2024 1 reply
I’ve been using this plugin for years and just purchased an additional premium lifetime license. It is a remarkably elegant solution and is very customizable. I had occasion to contact Danish with what turned to be a simple issue and an error entirely on my end. I look forward to future versions. Great job and thank you again!
مئی 20, 2022
I think this is great so far and am excited to see more options. I'd like maybe some options for custom post types or even category selections- but works great!
سارے 72 ریویو پڑھو

Contributors & Developers

“Floating Social Share Icons and Social Share buttons – Next Previous Post Links – FL” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.

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تبدیلی لاگ


  • Fixed: Some minor issues
  • Added: Some new features
  • Updated: Freemius SDK
  • Tested: Upto v6.4


  • Fixed: Undefined errors issue
  • Added: Totally new and clean UI/UX
  • Updated: Freemius SDK
  • Tested: Upto v6.3


  • Updated: Freemius SDK
  • Tested: Upto v6.1
  • Fixed: Some Minor issues

  • Updated: Freemius SDK

  • Tested: Upto v5.9
  • Fixed: Some Minor issues


  • Added: Language translation support
  • Updated: Freemius SDK
  • Tested: Upto v5.7
  • Fixed: Some Minor issues


  • Added: Social sharing icons
  • Fixed: Some Minor issues


  • Added: Enable/Disable Pages navigation


  • Added: Pages navigation support
  • Fixed: Default secondary position issue
  • Fixed: Minor issues


  • Fixed: Random button link not working
  • Fixed: Minor issues


  • Fixed: Post hover data height issue
  • Fixed: Bar border issue on multiple positions


  • Fixed: Setting import issue.


  • Fixed: Typing errors.


  • Added: Secondary bar
  • Added: Hide on load
  • Added: Show on % scroll from top
  • Added: Featured image on post hover
  • Added: Show bar on selected posts and pages
  • Added: Reorder the icons position
  • Tested: Upto 5.2.2
  • Fixed: Minor issues.


  • Added: Filters to change the content. Look filters.txt in main folder for more details.
  • Added: Missing localizable strings.
  • Tested: Upto 5.2
  • Fixed: Minor issues.


  • Added: Localizable support.
  • Added: Other plugins page.
  • Tested: Upto 5.0.2
  • Tested: With Twenty Nineteen Theme.


  • Added: Copy Current URL Icon.
  • Added: Show Floating Links On Archive Pages.
  • Fixed: Minor Issues.


  • Added: Go To Home Icon.
  • Added: More Positions Option.
  • Added: Change Close Icon.
  • Added: Change Open Icon.


  • Added: Show Next and Previous Post Data On Hover.


  • Broken fixed update.


  • Extended: The ‘bottom to top’ and ‘top to bottom’ options to show on pages or posts.
  • Fixed: Minimizer icon hide when no control is present.
  • Changed the UI of the settings page.
  • Added: Show hide minimize and maximize icon.


  • Added: Easily minimize and maximize floating links.
  • Tested upto version 4.9.1.


  • Fixed: Some minor issues and changed demo URL.


  • Added: Navigate in same category option.


  • Added: Change position feature added.
  • Fixed: Alignment of floating bar.


  • Added: Chronological order.
  • Fixed: Optimised customiser CSS for better compatibility.


  • Fixed: Customizer settings compatiblity with all themes. Keep the customizer settings even if you switch between themes.
  • Added: New fancy range control to change icon size.


  • Fixed: Hide support notice.
  • Fixed: Customizer current color and default button style.


  • Added: Random button to go to a random post.
  • Added: Settings panel to show hide buttons.
  • Added: Customizer support to select icons from the list of Dashicons and FontAwesome icons.
  • Added: Customizer support to change the design/colors.
  • Added: Customizer support to change the size of icons.


  • Fixed jQuery dependcy bug


  • Initial release.