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iFolders – Ultimate WordPress Media Library Folders & File Manager

iFolders – Ultimate WordPress Media Library Folders & File Manager


Do you have a lot of posts, pages, or media files on your WordPress site? Are you struggling to organize your WordPress media library? Learn how the iFolders plugin can transform your media management experience and categorize your data.


This powerful plugin will help you manage your content with the speed and efficiency of a bird in flight. With its intuitive file manager-like organization and structure, the iFolders plugin takes WordPress to the next level. It’s like having a bird’s-eye view of your content, allowing you to quickly navigate and locate your files. This plugin is a game-changer, helping you soar above the chaos of media management.


If you want to organize your WordPress data into a specific category, our plugin can help you do it with ease. There are several ways to use the iFolders plugin to organize and manage content. Keep all your posts and pages as well as media files (images, music, videos) structured using directories and subdirectories. Organize all your data into collections by specific criteria such as date, topic, keyword or some event.

Note: Don’t worry, the plugin doesn’t change your WordPress data, it expands your ability to manage and catalog it. Adding a post, page, media or other item into a folder will do not change their data.


Effortless Organization: seamlessly manage your media library, posts, and pages with intuitive folder-based organization.

Enhanced Efficiency: save time and streamline your workflow with drag & drop functionality and bulk operations.

Improved Visibility: easily locate and access your content with customizable folder structures and sorting options.

Versatile Compatibility: Enjoy seamless integration with popular WordPress themes, plugins, and page builders.

Image Replacement: Forget the tedious and complicated process of replacing an image file in your WordPress media library. Previously, you had to first delete the old file, then upload a new one with the exact same name, which took time and effort. Now you can accomplish this right in the edit media file dialog box with a couple simple steps.


The iFolders plugin allows you to create an unlimited number of folders and subfolders that can be easily moved to suit your needs.

To organize your media library, posts, and pages even faster, you can move multiple items at once, placing them in a folder or moving folders within other folders in seconds, reducing the number of clicks required. Just quickly move and arrange items with a user-friendly interface.

Perform bulk actions such as moving multiple items or reordering folders effortlessly.

You can easily create new folders and organize them into a tree structure by dragging and dropping them in the desired location. This allows you to quickly organize your content the way you want.

Export selected folders, including their subfolders and attachment files, in a single ZIP file. The package will keep the same folder structure.

Define permissions for the users or roles to perform specific actions like: view, edit, delete, and attach an item to a folder. This way you can give some users edit permissions and others only view permissions. Recommended for multi-author blogs and sites.

The plugin adds a button to the “Attachment Details” screen that allows you to select an image to replace the current image, saving its properties and URL. This makes it easy to add an updated version of the image without having to manually search and make the replacement again in the content of the post or page or anywhere else it may be mentioned.

Note: If you find that this feature is not working properly, try disabling your browser cache and any third-party WordPress caching plugins.

Arrange items within folders by name, date, modification, or author for easy access.

Easily search and filter folders to find specific items quickly using keywords or phrases. The user can search for folders and show only those that contain a certain word or phrase in the folder name. You can use wildcards ‘*’ or ‘?’ which can be used to indicate many characters or a single character in the folder name.

You can categorize all the standard types built into WordPress including media files, posts, pages, and users to organize them more efficiently.

Extend folder management capabilities to custom post types for comprehensive organization. With this plugin, you will get the ability to manage and group all registered custom post types in WordPress, providing a more efficient and organized approach. Let’s say you’ve created a new post type “Blog” or “News”. With our plugin, you also get the ability to group and categorize them.

The plugin supports folders for WooCommerce listings including products, orders and coupons. This will allow you to quickly organize and manage your WooCommerce content, saving you time and effort. This is made possible because these entities are custom WordPress post types too.

The plugin lets you easily move media files, either individually or in large numbers, between folders. You can also quickly create, rename, delete, and organize folders to organize your content the way you want.

The plugin allows you to select a folder and upload new files directly into it, saving you time and effort. Another great time saver.
Upload files directly to folders and manage them efficiently within your WordPress environment.

The plugin allows you to resize the iFolders sidebar containing folders as you wish, and turn it on or off as needed. Resize and customize the sidebar containing folders to suit your preferences for a seamless user experience.

Easily add, rename or delete folders with a single click. If you delete a folder, your data won’t be lost – it will be automatically moved to the “Uncategorized” folder, so you can access it later.

Set a color for your folders to give your folder structure a couple of bright shades for clarity. Just select a folder and choose the color you want. This will allow you to make your folders more attractive with just a few clicks.

If you need additional features that are not currently included in the plugin, please let us know by leaving feedback. We are always open to suggestions and may be able to implement your ideas in future versions of the plugin.


We realize that not all themes and plugins have the same structure and as a result are different, so we strive to provide additional compatibility. iFolders seamlessly integrates and works with the most popular WordPress page builders, themes and plugins. In rare cases, if iFolders fails to work with any page builder, theme or plugin, simply post in the support forum and we will do our best to resolve the issue.

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Transform your WordPress media management experience with the iFolders wp file manager plugin. Simplify organization, enhance efficiency, and take control of your content like never before. This tool provides an intuitive filemanager interface, allowing you to easily navigate, manage, and utilize your media files. Effortlessly move media files, big or small, between folders and take control of your content. Each media folder is a centralized hub, housing all your attached media files, keeping your website tidy, and enhancing your SEO potential. Try iFolders today and unlock the full potential of your WordPress website.

💼 GDPR & Privacy

  • We do not collect or store any information about our visitors or users without their consent.
  • We also do not transfer any data to external servers without users’ consent.
  • The purpose of our folder manager plugin is to help organize the WordPress media library, pages, posts, and custom post types.

سکرین شاٹاں


This plugin provides 1 block.

  • iFolders Image Gallery Show media library image gallery from selected folder

انسٹال کرݨ

Setup is easy and takes only a few minutes.

  1. Download the plugin from wordpress.org, unpack it and upload the [iFolders] folder to your wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Go to your main WordPress menu > Media > Library to create a folder and manage your files.

Best wishes, Avirtum team.

ہرہک دے سوال

Why should I use iFolders?

With this plugin you can easily organize posts, pages, media library and custom post types into folders. Create multiple folders and subfolders, put everything you like into them, and highlight the ones that need extra attention with a color.

I installed the plugin, what’s next?

Once activated, the plugin will automatically enable the folder manager for the media library and user list. Just go to “Users” -> “All users” or “Media” -> “Library” screen and start organizing your items (users, media files) in the WordPress admin area. On the left will be a panel where you can manage your directories, in the toolbar click on “Plus Folder” to add the first folder, enter its name and set the color. Your first directory is ready.

What happens when a folder is deleted?

When you delete a folder, all items (pages, posts, media files, etc.) that were linked to that folder are not deleted. It simply removes the link between them and the folder, after which all items become available and visible in a special ‘Uncategorized’ virtual directory.

If a folder is deleted will the media file in the folder be deleted too?

No, only the folder is removed.

Nothing happened after the image was replaced

Most likely your browser is still caching the old image, so you are seeing the old image instead of the replaced image. Try performing a hard refresh while viewing the page (Ctrl + F5 on Windows, Apple + R / Command + R on Mac).

Is it possible for any user to create and modify folders?

Everything is under the control of the administrator. Our iFolders plugin has fine-grained permission settings. You can customize the folder security policy differently for each user or role. For example, some users/roles can create/view/edit folders, while others are only allowed to view them.

Can the folders sidebar be hidden?

Yes, if you want to hide the folder sidebar, just click the “toggle” button (above the page title of the current screen). To bring back this sidebar, press this button again.

Does iFolders work with Gutenberg?

Absolutely!!! iFolders is compatible with a new block editor called Gutenberg. This functionality is available out of the box even in the free version.

Does iFolders work with page builders?

Without a doubt, iFolders works with most popular web page builders such as Elementor, Divi, Beaver Builder, Visual Composer, WP Bakery, Brizy, Blocks and many others. If your page builder or third-party plugin uses the standard WordPress media modal dialog to select images, the plugin will also work and display folders.

How many sites is a iFolders Pro license valid for?

iFolders Pro license is valid for one domain (including subdomains).

Does the plugin modify the uploads directory?

No. The folders created by our plugin are virtual folders, so the WordPress uploads directory remains intact, as do its contents in the form of media files.

Where is the developer version hosted?

The developer version is avalible here.

I’d like access to more features and support. How can I get this?

You can access additional features and support by visiting the CodeCanyon website and purchasing the pro version. By purchasing the plugin, you get access to the full version of the iFolders WordPress plugin, automatic updates and support.

Is that a one-time payment for iFolders Pro?

Absolutely! iFolders lifetime license costs you a one-time fee, you can use it on a single site, and get unlimited updates.


مئی 8, 2024 2 replies
Having tried a few different media-sorting plugins, I finally settled on iFolders. I does a great job, is simple & easy to use and when I had a minor issue, the dev jumped right in and solved the problem. Five stars for the software and five stars for top support.
مئی 3, 2024 2 replies
Essential tool when your wordpress has a lot of pages and half pages.I have tried several but this plugin is the best for its ease of use, adaptability to post/page and media and its price.
ستمبر 6, 2023 1 reply
Simple to use, effective, and worth the modest price of the license. From a usability perspective, I’m much happier being able to organized my posts by categories.
اگست 23, 2023 1 reply
I tried 4 of the other media folder organisers. This one was the best and worked straight out of the box. I made a mistake with the using of it, but the email support straightened me out by answering my questions within 20 minutes. Great Stuff guys.
جون 7, 2023
This plugin delivers precisely what it promises, without any frills. Highly recommended for wp users in search of a reliable media management solution. Happy as a hippo.
مارچ 5, 2023 3 replies
HiThank you for this very useful and excellent pluginWhat is the difference between free and pro version?
سارے 8 ریویو پڑھو

Contributors & Developers

“iFolders – Ultimate WordPress Media Library Folders & File Manager” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.

حصہ پاوݨ آلے

تبدیلی لاگ


  • Fix: attachment button is hidden under details in image gallery


  • Mod: the “access roles” section has been moved to the “permissions” panel
  • Fix: media details, undefined indexes: width & height
  • Fix: upload media files to a selected folder with view-only permissions


  • New: option to delete attached items with folders


  • New: block for image gallery (Gutenberg)


  • New: show media details on hover


  • Fix: replace media file, remove old thumbnails and generate new ones


  • Mod: code refactoring


  • Fix: default value for get_option


  • Fix: code compatibility with WordPress Coding Standards


  • Fix: recalculate attachment counters


  • Fix: compatibility problem with WPML plugin


  • New: disabling search bar option


  • Fix: php composer platform check


  • Fix: import from FileBird, WordPress Real Media Library
  • New: recalculate folder counters


  • Mod: REST API endpoints


  • Fix: REST API, removed X-HTTP-Method-Override


  • New: download the selected folders and their subfolders with attachments in zip format


  • Mod: tree context menu enhancements


  • Fix: UI improvements


  • New: replace media file


  • Fix: WordPress classic gallery


  • Fix: move folder to the root directory


  • Fix: attach to the folder “All items” & “Uncategorized”


  • Fix: show media items in modal box


  • Fix: incorrect list of media library items in third-party page builders


  • Fix: activation hook


  • Fix: UI improvements


  • Fix: conflict with WordPress gallery


  • Fix: UI improvements


  • Fix: infinite scrolling
  • Fix: refresh folder counters after deleting items


  • New: import from FileBird, WordPress Real Media Library
  • Fix: UI improvements


  • New: possibility to delete the old plugin and its data if it is detected


  • Fix: UI improvements


  • Fix: HTTP error 405 (method not allowed) for some requests


  • Fix: plugin initialization changes


  • New: brand new redesigned version


  • Fix: uninstall behavior


  • Fix: support Brizy builder


  • Fix: complete uninstallation only for the current version


  • New: backup & restore
  • New: option for complete uninstallation of the plugin with all its data


  • Fix: navigate from one folder with more pages to another folder that have only fewer pages


  • New: placeholder loading for better ux
  • Fix: compatible with the plugin “Advanced Ads”


  • Fix: cross site scripting (XSS), the attacker can run js code from plugin input fields (folder name)


  • New: categorize plugins


  • New: languages: Turkish, Portuguese


  • Fix: do not delete the last group from the folder types table
  • Fix: error in SQL if delete an item that is unattached to a folder


  • Fix: the quick edit post does not work in the list mode after select a new folder


  • Mod: color picker, the ability to create own palette with 5 colors


  • Fix: undefined property: stdClass::$infinite_scrolling
  • Mod: language pack


  • Fix: can’t drag & drop images in the list mode, infinity loading


  • Fix: AttachmentsBrowser, cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘collection’)


  • New: duplicate folder
  • New: infinite scrolling option for the media library view mode


  • Mod: sticky sidebar with folders


  • Mod: some fixes


  • New: folder design icons


  • Fix: some php code issues


  • New: translation: polish, danish, dutch


  • New: context menu


  • Mod: inline folder title editing


  • New: folder manager for custom post types


  • Fix: issue with MySQL 8.0, using reserved keywords


  • New: showing final user permissons information


  • Fix: old MySQL versions do not support expression CURRENT_TIMESTAMP


  • Mod: activation steps


  • Mod: interface for folder type permissions


  • Mod: added sorting by columns to the admin data table


  • New: Upload progress window


  • Fix: change folder color


  • New: move items to a folder with touch events


  • Fix: css style issues
  • New: folder search bar


  • New: license activation form
  • Mod: rewrite code


  • Fix: strpos(): Empty needle in…
  • Mod: order folder items UI


  • Fix: settings page, cookies is not defined


  • New: sort folder items


  • Mod: colorpicker saves a selected color for later use


  • New: translation pack


  • New: feedback form


  • New: support builders: Bricks, Beaver, Brizy, Elementor, Avada Theme and etc


  • Fix: issue with “page not found”


  • New: support posts, pages, woocommerce products, orders, coupons


  • Fix: issue with “class not found”


  • Initial release