Martins Free BackLink Linkbuilding Network


By installing this plugin, your website automatically joins Martins free backlink linkbuilding network for optimizing your SEO.

What is the benefits?

Martins free backlink linkbuilding network will assist your website in reaching top positions in search engines (SEO), using a safe, proven and tested strategy from SEO experts.

How does it work?

A few links will show up in all websites in the network.
Websites will not exchange links directly with other websites, as this strategy could give you some problems.

Instead, websites are linking into the network, and get backlinks in return from another part of the network to make the linkbuilding as natural as possible.

Links are contextual links when there is a keyword match. It’s just a single word per link in a websites content, which becomes clickable.
The last occurance of a keyword in the main content is chosen, which makes it quite discreet.

This too, is for building links in a natural way. Search engines loves links in combination with text.

When there are no keyword matches, links are placed in the footer instead.

All linkbuilding rotates every 24 hours, and inactive websites are removed from the network.
Search engines does not crawl all pages every day, thus many links will remain for a long time from a SEO perspective, but not visually.

Are statistics available?

Yes! In your admin dashboard menu, you will find a really beautiful dashboard called “Martins linkbuilding”.
This dashboard will show you 1 month of detailed statistics.

How do i validate the results?

Linkbuilding takes time for both search engines and Ahrefs to discover, so give it at least 14 days and use Ahrefs free backlink checker to watch your domain rating (pagerank) increase and to see a list of your new backlinks, which will grow over time.
Ahrefs Backlink Checker

How about problematic content?

The network consists of multiple networks.

If your website gets detected as “problematic”, your website is still welcome to join the network.

These problematic websites have their own network, since regular websites usually are not interested in doing linkbuilding with these kind of websites.

However, a few regular websites have chosen to also get into the problematic network types.

How about spammy websites?

If your website has no actual content, or just redirects to ads etc, then expect it to get blocked from the network.

If you have a website which got previously blocked and no longer is spammy, contact support from the dashboard to have it re-validated.


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Contributors & Developers

“Martins Free BackLink Linkbuilding Network” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.

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تبدیلی لاگ


  • Fixed a minor design issue causing too large links in some layouts


  • Added better support for website matching


  • Added discreet contextual links instead of footer links when websites have keyword matches for more natural linking


  • Added a beautiful dashboard with detailed linkbuilding statistics


  • Added better network statistics


  • Added better plugin version detection for better supporting non-updated websites


  • Design update


  • Solved a bug related to some php versions


  • Updated design to better suit all website designs


  • Updated network structure


  • First version