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NinjaSEO by 500apps – Best WordPress SEO Plugin To Improve Search Engine Rankings


Rank Higher in Search Engines with NinjaSEO, part of the infinity app suite by 500apps. Integrate 30+ apps that come with custom-based options on signing up for a single application at $14.99.
NinjaSEO is an exclusive page grader, web crawler plugin, and SEO plugin with a built-in AI Linkbot and Position tracker to help website owners find and fix pressing issues to improve SEO performance.

About NinjaSEO

Beat the competition by analyzing SEO errors that harm the search rankings of your page and fix them to improve visibility.
With NinjaSEO web crawler, perform a detailed site audit and identify broken links, sitemap issues, missing alt texts, image names, and much more to improve overall website performance.

About 500apps

500apps is the world’s first all-in-one suite of 30+ apps catering to different industries to help businesses grow like the Fortune 500. NinjaSEO is a part of 500apps Infinity suite and helps you improve the performance and SEO health of your website.

Website Crawler

Find and fix issues that hamper the performance of your website. Improve SEO ranking faster.


Get reports on all site-level errors such as broken links, server errors, etc.

URL Issues

Identify non-ASCII characters, character lengths, uppercasing, and underscores.

Crawl Depth

See how deep an URL is linked within your website and get information about it.


Discover all internal and external links that are canonical and unique. Also, get a birds-eye view of the unique link percentage.


Get information on redirects such as temporary, permanent, and type like 301, 302, etc.


Check whether the links have been indexed into search engines or not.

Meta Titles & Descriptions

Analyze metadata such as titles and descriptions. Also, check for target keywords, character lengths, keyword density, etc.

Page Headers & Lengths

Identify the SEO health of all H1s and H2s of your website or pages. Fix them easily.


Get in-depth data on images such as image types, sizes, resolution, etc.

Alt Text

Check for the targeted keyword in the alt texts of all images.

X-Robot Tags

See all the directive issues through the HTTP header.

Word Length

Run a content analyzer to get the on-page world length.

Text-to-HTML Ratio

Calculate the code-to-text ratio and accordingly add or remove text or code from your page.

Last Modification

Discover when the last update was made on the page.

Loading time

Measure how fast your page is loading and accordingly reduce the size to make it load faster.

XML Sitemap

Find and add missing, non-indexable URLs from your XML sitemap.
Analyze whether the given keyword is present at essential places such as page title and description, headers, URL, and much more.

Severity Check

Check the seriousness of the issues you are facing on your pages using the Grading indicators from Grade A to Grade F.

Learn and Fix Errors

Prioritize errors by studying the recommendation and follow the recommendations displayed to improve the overall process and learning.

Page Grader

Get your page graded for 28 onsite issues and ensure the page is SEO-friendly. Know the crucial SEO errors and fix them to optimize your website with on-page grader implementation. Grow your page ranking by 10x.

AI Linkbot

Find high-quality backlinks with our proprietary AI Linkbot. Enter the keyword you want to find among the links and our AI Linkbot will find backlinks that are ranking in search engine results along with the author details. This makes it easier for you to contact and build links to your website.


Page Grader:

NinjaSEO performs page-level analysis based on the top 5 factors—page title, page description, page content, keyword cloud, and keyword frequency. NinjaSEO grade pages based on the 28 most important values loved by search engines and gives you an overall score between 0-100. Grade A (90-100) indicates a well-optimized page, Grade B (50-89) signifies room for improvement, and Grade C (0-49) means your page is slow and that you must act immediately.

Know the crucial SEO errors and fix them to optimize your website with on-page grader implementation. Grow your page ranking by 10x.

Page Audit:

Know the engaging rate of your website and inner pages through search engine reports and view complete insights about the page’s overall behavior

Severity Check

From the data that’s affecting your website to the duplication of pages, conduct a full analysis and know the root cause behind the downfall of the website.

Error Fixation

Fix the high-priority, medium, and small errors with the help of an on-page grader. Make a fully optimized & high-ranking page by being flawless.

Chrome Extension:

Our on-page grader feature comes with a chrome extension. An easier way to improve page rank

Site Crawler

Select the website you want to check, and our site crawler will instantly crawl over all your pages and give you insights pertaining to the parameters of the crawl results. NinjaSEO generates page count and the total number of internal and external links that the website has.
Find and fix issues that hamper the performance of your website. Improve SEO ranking faster.

View Site Architecture & Crawl Maps:

Define the hierarchy of the pages instantly and know how search engines crawl your site

Eliminate Duplication

Be it a content or page duplication – find out with the help of NinjaSEO for your website to be a standard one.

Audit Comparison

Discover the behavior of your website and compare the audit structure with the previous to find out all the SEO flaws happening within the website.

Prioritized Hints

Identify the priorities of your website such as images, downloadable content, and much more with the activation of NinjaSEO


In addition to the organic results, you will see a speech bubble that breaks the average authority of the ranking sites (domain score) and the top 10 average referring domains (backlinks). Use this data to improve your link-building strategy.

To get boosted in the online arena of ultimate competition, enhance your website ranking by acquiring more backlinks.

Find Links:

Explore the backlinks that support and upgrade the overall performance of your website for better visibility.

Find key people

Track the people who help your business grow and their key interests. Design the activities accordingly that match with their expectations.

Increase Performance

Let your competitors become restless for the website efficiency you have created with the help of NinjaSEO


Get information on relevant authors, and contact information all in one place. Run your off-page SEO activities by capturing the information of your target audience and automate redundant tasks by activating the SEO bot.

Find Links:

Discover the web pages by following links and recording them on your site. Index all your data with the NinjaSEO bot feature.

Find emails

Know your visitors and record their emails in a second. Automate the capturing feature thus lessening human efforts.

Analyze Keywords

Make your website stand at the top of search results by analyzing competing keywords.


Keywords with Featured snippets on SERP.
Position Tracking allows you to monitor the rankings of any domain, subdomain, subfolder, or URL for any keyword across different devices and locations on a daily basis.
Maximize your website performance, rank up in the search engines, and create a massive online presence.

Keyword Tracker:

Define the most valuable keywords for the SEO strategy you create. Depending on the search volume and competitiveness, place yourself at the top.

Page rank:

Optimize page rank for exponential business growth. Remain uncompromised in making your page the most visible one.

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Installing NinjaSEO WordPress plugin is easy. Head to the plugin and download it to start your journey of improving website performance.

Here’s a 3 step guide to help you install and activate NinjaSEO plugin from your WordPress dashboard.

1.Download NinjaSEO WordPress plugin from the dedicated plugins page.
2.Activate NinjaSEO plugin from your Dashboard.
3.Get started with NinjaSEO.

After Installation, see a NinjaSEO wizard in your dashboard to get a bird’s eye view of your entire website issues and ways to solve them.

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What is 500apps?

500apps is an all-in-one suite of SaaS applications for growing businesses to run like a Fortune 500 company. Ninjaseo is part of the 500apps portfolio that provides best-in-class apps to help you go to the next level.

What is NinjaSEO?

NinjaSEO is a SEO software that helps you optimize the performance of your site with in-depth auditing and increase the visibility of the page by on-page SEO grading.

Is my and my users’ data safe?

Yes, your privacy is of the utmost importance to us! Your data is stored on a secure cloud-based server, protected by 128-bit encryption, and isn’t shared with any third-party services.

Can I cancel or upgrade my subscription at any time?

All subscribers pay as they go, and you can cancel at any time. There are no requirements for a long-term commitment.

How is a “user” defined?

Any person with a unique username and login is a user, Each user’s action while logged on can be tracked and recorded for optimal performance and analysis.

Does Ninjaseo offer any uptime guarantee?

Online stability is critical for any business. For that reason, Ninjaseo is hosted on Google and Amazon cloud to satisfy all demands and at every scale. We’re pleased to announce that has 6 data centers present across the globe & services are now backed up by a 99.99% uptime guarantee.

Will my subscription be renewed automatically?

Yes, both monthly and annual subscriptions will be automatically renewed every month and year respectively unless there’s a cancellation scenario.

Who do I contact for additional questions?

We always encourage you to ask all the questions you want to ensure we’re right for you. Contact us at or call us anytime for more information or to share your feedback.


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