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QuickStart is an ever expanding utility kit of handy functions, callbacks and tools for setting up various features of your theme, namely the backend stuff like custom post types, meta boxes, style/script registration, tinyMCE features, and much more.

انسٹال کرݨ

  1. Upload the contents of quickstart.tar.gz to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. In your theme’s functions.php folder, call QuickStart(), passing a configuration array, and an optional defaults array.


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Contributors & Developers

“QuickStart” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.

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تبدیلی لاگ

Details on each release can be found on the GitHub releases page for this project.


New “Unpublish” helper. Various bug fixes, improved option support/handling.


Fixed conflict with WordPress 4.4 (The functions get/the_post_thumbnail_url have been renamed to get/the_post_attachment_image_url).


New Walkers helper (WIP collection of custom Walker classes), numeric_values option on select/list fields, various bug fixes and framework tweaks.


Bug fixes regarding index_page feature, and added some better sanity checks to shorthand processing. Hiding wp_head will now also remove emoji stuff. A few other tweaks for future proofing as well.


New Section Manager feature; tie non-public section posts to a page or other post for more flexible content management. Meta boxes, post types, taxonomies, fields and field types now support various shorthand forms for a variety of settings in a single string. Also added special select field types, widget loading tools, and the usual tweaks and fixes to the code.


Improvements to index page feature, including date archive link utilities and custom rewrites (via new add_rewrites tool method). Also added is_login, is_ajax and is_frontend utilities, reworked MCE button registration, and fixed bug with Tools::upload().


Added term meta data support, along with custom fields for terms (as well as users); as such, the order manager feature now works for posts and terms. New wpedit helper now available, for inserting “Edit This” buttons onto the front end. Also added specialized handling of “hidden” input type, blanket “all” option available for load_helpers, and hide_comments now forcibly disables comments, pings, and XML RPC. Numerous bug fixes, internal structure enhancements, and some additional utilities have been added as well.


Bug fixes; relabel_posts issues, added jquery-ui-sortable dependency for qs-helpers.js, fixed arguments list for Template::ga_code().


Minor bug fix to get_index(), added qs_helper_is_index_page filter.


Code restructuring, supports can be passed as a list now, merged Hooks with Tools (backwards-compatible though), ditched fill_array (use array_pad instead), added filter option to Template::title(), and reworked handling of features for better extensibility.


Major updates; numerous new features, bug fixes, and extensibility improvements. Details on GitHub.


Added description option to field settings (prints a description paragraph after the field), also further refined input attribute filtering/escaping.


Added Google Analytics code helper to QuickStart\Template, minor bug fixes to addFile field.


Fixed bug with addFile not loading selected attachment in single mode, restructured files and added auto loading.


Quick sort buttons for sortables, post type index feature, smarter checklists, index helper, lots of stuff.


New repeater field capabilities, static option on taxonomies, taxonomy option on meta_box.


Added get_value and post_field options for fields. Also fixed bug with multi-value select fields.


Bug fixes for child page registration and field building. Also updated styling on file adders.


Forms upgrading, QS.helpers CSS/JS, and now using SASS.


Added smarter handling of metaboxes that use only 1 field, fixed typo that breaks get_values usage.


Fixed bug caused by v1.3.3 with taxonomies and meta boxes not registering.


Added addfile field type, minor bug fixes with submenus and metaboxes.


Fixed bug with sidebars not being registered.


Updated post_type_count, dropped taxonomy_count.


Revisions to custom page/settings handling, field building, and metabox building. Added disable_quickedit.


New php/js tools, metabox saving and plugin registration fixes.


Fixed issue with custom page registration.


Fixed issue with wrap_with_label setting, also cleaned up QuickStart\Form.


Fixed preloading when passing a numeric array of terms.


Fixed save_meta_box issue when saving field data.


Bug fixes, key changes, documented example code.


Initial public release.