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Shopper – Affiliate Link Management, 25000+ Brand Partnerships & Creative Product Displays

Shopper – Affiliate Link Management, 25000+ Brand Partnerships & Creative Product Displays


Shopper’s WordPress plugin simplifies affiliate marketing for bloggers looking to maximize their earnings.

With this affiliate plugin you can instantly collaborate with 25k+ brands, manage all your affiliate links in one place and create product displays that generate 25% more sales. 🔥

Essentially, Shopper is a blogger-friendly solution that streamlines the entire affiliate marketing process.

We understand that affiliate link management can be challenging, especially when working with multiple brands, this is when our WordPress affiliate plugin comes in handy.

It’s incredibly easy to use, and it’s packed with powerful features to help you maximize your earnings.

But don’t take our word for it, see what other bloggers like you are saying.

No long forms, no registrations – just create a link and when someone buys the product through our link, you get paid your earnings.
Chaitanya ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Our plugin is incredibly user-friendly and powerful, making it one of the best affiliate marketing tools for bloggers and affiliate marketers (a game-changer for bloggers and affiliate marketers).

We have even created a quick video tutorial to guide you through the process of setting up your free Shopper account.

With your free account, you will instantly be able to collaborate with over 25,000 brands, manage all your affiliate links in one convenient place, and create product displays that generate 25% more sales.🚀

Here’s what our happy customer has to say about it

Shopper.com is a great tool for affiliate marketers. You can reach Apple, Nike, Adobe, Walmart without applying to affiliate sites or networks.
Anson ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

So, what are you waiting for? Get started with the best affiliate plugin for WordPress today!

Sign up for your free Shopper account and start earning more affiliate income from your blog in no time!

Why You Need Shopper ✔️

🤝 25,000+ Brands To Collaborate

Create a free account to instantly promote & earn from millions of high-quality products from over 25,000 brands!

📰 High-converting Product displays

Choose from our pre-designed product displays that are proven to generate 25% more sales – which means more earnings with the same traffic.

⚙️ Seamless Compatibility with Gutenberg Block

Our product displays are designed to seamlessly integrate with the default WordPress editor Gutenberg, which means more sales without any technical difficulties.

🔗 Easy Link Management

Say goodbye to the hassle of managing multiple affiliate links by organizing all your links in one place, making it easy to keep track of all.

⚠️ Link Break Alerts

Get instant notifications whenever your links stop working, so that you can fix them immediately and never miss out on a single sale.

🌩️ API Access

Easily integrate your Shopper links with other tools and platforms that you use, which means you can promote products across a wide range of platforms.

📍 Amazon Link localization

Automatically send your customers to their local Amazon store based on their location, which means a better user experience & more sales.

🚀 Sales Analytics

View all the valuable insights such as clicks & conversions for every product that you are promoting with our powerful sales analytics.

This is just a glimpse of the endless possibilities that Shopper’s affiliate WordPress plugin can provide.

Still not sure? Give Shopper a try now (it’s absolutely free)!

🔒 Data and Privacy

Your data is yours with Shopper.com. Always.

We ensure that your debug information is anonymized and secure if you choose to share it with us. You can opt-out at any time without affecting your store.


سکرین شاٹاں

  • High converting product displays
  • Easy affiliate link management
  • 25000+ brands to collaborate


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  • Shopper.com

انسٹال کرݨ

Where do I start?

With Shopper.com, getting started is easy and free. Shopper.com can be easily integrated into your WordPress site

  1. Download and install the Shopper.com WordPress plugin
  2. Activate the plugin
  3. Login to your Shopper.com account or create a free account if you do not have one.
  4. Add your Shopper.com products to your WordPress posts and pages. Create unlimited product displays and insert them instantly into your posts and pages.

ہرہک دے سوال

Who can benefit more from Shopper WordPress plugin?

The plugin is best for those doing affiliate marketing, tracking, or managing affiliate links, whether they are website owners, affiliate marketers, or creators.

How does this work?

Think of WordPress as the frontend and Shopper.com as the backend. You manage your product inside Shopper.com (e.g. adding and editing products) and those changes automatically show inside WordPress.

Is this SEO friendly?

Structured data, semantic alt text, and indexable content have all been followed according to SEO best practices.

Does it work with any WordPress theme?

Yes, our affiliate WP plugin works with every standard WordPress theme.

How do I get started with Shopper?

Getting started with Shopper is incredibly easy. Everything you need to know you can find on our Getting Started page.

How do I contact support?

If you can’t find an answer that you’re looking for or if you have a specific question, feel free to reach out to us via email on hello@shopper.com. You can also contact us on Twitter @shopperdotcom and Instagram @theshopperdotcom

Does Shopper have Two Factor Authentication (2FA)?

Yes. Shopper comes inbuilt with two-factor authentication (2FA). You can read more about the same here.


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  • Update: Updates to support latest versions of WordPress and PHP.


  • Fix: Home page login and upgrade tile fixes.


  • Fix: Store page loading issue fixes.


  • Improvement: Page speed optimizations for faster loading times.


  • Fix: Collection redirection issue for some users in store page.


  • Add: Option to export data from lasso to Shopper.
  • Update: Restrict the number of referral links in a post to one.


  • Fix: Product synchronisation issues with some users.


  • Fix: Referral link auto turning off issue.
  • Add: Fallback styles for old referral links.


  • Add: New referral settings tab.


  • Add: Option to save themes and reuse them.
  • Add: Global settings option, where a preset can be set and applied globally to all themes by default.
  • Add: Option to choose between product name or product ID under link cloaking.
  • Update: Minor bug fixes, SEO and UI, UX improvements.


  • Fix: Fixed issues with the link cloaking tab data updation.


  • Add: Link cloaking feature.
  • Add: Resize option for all shopper block layouts.
  • Update: Minor bug fixes, SEO and UI improvements.


  • Fix: Login issue fixes and UI improvements.


  • Fix: Minor bug fixes in UI.


  • Fix: Minor bug fixes and UI improvements.


  • Add: option to select all products in block settings.
  • Update: UI/ UX improvements


  • Add: New themes and layouts
  • Update: UI/ UX improvements


  • Fix: Product/collection popup overlay issue fixes


  • Add: New themes and layouts
  • Add: API-based authentication was removed and username-based authentication was implemented
  • Add: An inbuilt help page has been added
  • Add: Product displays have been added
  • Update: Design improvements
  • Update: Enhancements to the user experience


  • Fix: Connection issue fixes


  • Fix: Style issue fixes and other bug fixes


  • Add: Revamped settings UI and bug fixes


  • Fix: Style issue fixes for some devices


  • Fix: Style conflict issue fixes


  • Fix: Store URL formatting issue fixes


  • Add: Database upgrade automation and bug fixes


  • Fix: API connection related issue fixes


  • Add: Feature to debug issues with the plugin more specifically


  • Fix: Connection status display issue fix


  • Fix: Style conflict issue fixes


Upgrade Notification:If you are updating from a version < 2.4.0, please remove the current plugin by deactivating it and deleting the plugin, thendo a fresh install.


  • Update: Database structure update


  • Add: Gutenberg block support
  • Update: URL structure update to be more SEO friendly