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The SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle gives you all the elements you need to build modern, responsive, and engaging website pages. Using the Widgets Bundle, you can quickly and effortlessly add buttons, sliders, heroes, maps, images, carousels, features, icons, and so much more.

SiteOrigin Widgets are ready to be used anywhere, in Page Builder by SiteOrigin, in the Block Editor or your theme’s widget areas. The Widgets Bundle is even compatible with other popular page-building plugins.

Our collection is growing, and here are some of the powerful widgets included so far:

  • Accordion Efficiently display content in expandable sections, maximizing space for improved organization.
  • Anything Carousel Display images, text, or any content in a highly customizable and responsive carousel slider.
  • Author Box Display author information, including avatar, name, bio, and post links in a customizable box.
  • Blog Showcase blog content in personalized list or grid layouts with flexible design and display settings.
  • Button Create a custom button with flexible styling, icon support, and click tracking functionality.
  • Button Grid Add multiple buttons in one go, customize individually, and present them in a neat grid layout.
  • Contact Form Add a contact form with custom fields, design options, spam protection, and email notifications.
  • Call To Action Prompt visitors to take action with a customizable title, subtitle, button, and design settings.
  • Editor Insert and customize content with a rich text editor offering extensive formatting options.
  • Features Showcase features with icons, titles, text, and links in a customizable grid layout.
  • Google Maps Embed a customizable Google Map with markers, directions, styling options, and interactive elements.
  • Headline Engage visitors with a prominent, stylish headline and optional divider and sub-headline to convey key messages.
  • Hero Image Build an impressive hero image section with custom content, buttons, background image, color, and video.
  • Icon Display a customizable icon with color, size, alignment, and optional link settings.
  • Image Add a responsive image with custom dimensions, positioning, caption, link, and styling options.
  • Image Grid Showcase images in a responsive grid layout with custom size, spacing, alignment, and captions.
  • Image Slider Create a responsive slider with customizable image and video frames, navigation, and appearance settings.
  • Layout Slider Design responsive slider frames with unique layouts, backgrounds, and content built with Page Builder.
  • Lottie Player Bring your content to life using interactive Lottie animations with personalized settings and links.
  • Post Carousel Display blog posts or custom post types in a responsive, customizable carousel layout.
  • Price Table Display pricing plans in a professional table format with custom columns, features, and design.
  • Recent Posts Drive traffic to your latest content with a visually appealing, fully customizable recent posts showcase.
  • Simple Masonry Layout Display images in an attractive masonry grid with adjustable columns, gutters, and optional captions.
  • Social Media Buttons Add social media buttons to your site with personalized icons, colors, and design settings.
  • Tabs Create tabbed content panels with customizable titles, content, initial tab, and design settings.
  • Taxonomy Automatically display the taxonomies of the current post with customizable labels, colors, and link settings.
  • Testimonials Feature testimonials from satisfied customers with tailored layouts, images, text, colors, and mobile compatibility.
  • Video Player Embed self-hosted or externally hosted videos with a customizable player, controls, and responsive sizing.

Ready to Be Used Anywhere

  • Page Builder by SiteOrigin: Insert widgets in Page Builder by SiteOrigin in either the Classic Editor or Page Builder Layout Block in the Block Editor.
  • Block Editor: The Widgets Bundle is 100% Block Editor compatible. Insert widgets using the SiteOrigin Widgets Block featuring a live widget search form.
  • Theme and Plugin Widget Areas: Insert widgets in any theme or plugin widget area.
  • In Other Popular Page Builder Plugins: Insert widgets in Elementor or Beaver Builder.

Built for Speed

We carefully built each widget for the best possible page size and load time. The Widgets Bundle is perfectly compatible with Autoptimize and all other major performance plugins.

SEO Optimized

The Widgets Bundle uses modern SEO best practices and seamlessly integrates with all major SEO plugins.

Accessibility Ready

The Widgets Bundle is accessibility-ready. Tab through all form fields and settings, make changes without using a mouse.

Actively Developed

SiteOrigin has been creating magical tools for your WordPress website since 2011. We actively develop the Widgets Bundle with updates released several times a month, including new features and fixes as required. View our Widgets Bundle work on GitHub.

Create Custom Widgets

Access a huge array of features and save time by developing custom widgets for your theme or plugin on the Widgets Bundle Framework. Read more in our extensive developer documentation.


Documentation is available on SiteOrigin.


Free support is available on the SiteOrigin support forums.

SiteOrigin Premium

SiteOrigin Premium enhances the Widgets Bundle with a vast array of additional features and settings. Take your layouts to the next level with SiteOrigin Premium addons.

SiteOrigin Premium includes access to our professional email support service, perfect for those times when you need fast and effective technical support. We’re standing by to assist you in any way we can.

سکرین شاٹاں

  • Manage which widgets you want to be enabled or disabled at Plugins > SiteOrigin Widgets.
  • SiteOrigin Widgets inserted in SiteOrigin Page Builder.
  • Editing a Hero in SiteOrigin Page Builder.
  • Inserting Tabs in the SiteOrigin Widget Block.
  • SiteOrigin Widgets inserted in a SiteOrigin Layout Block.
  • Inserting a Contact Form into a theme widget area at Appearance > Widgets.
  • Inserting an Accordion into a theme widget area via the block-based widget screen.


This plugin provides 1 block.

  • SiteOrigin Widget

ہرہک دے سوال

The widget I’d like to add isn’t available; where can I enable it?

The Widgets Bundle global interface is available at Plugins > SiteOrigin Widgets. Widgets can be enabled or disabled as needed. If a widget offers global settings, you can access those via the Settings button next to each applicable widget.


مارچ 24, 2024 2 replies
This plugin works well and is fully supported, but the amount of updates is excessive – 12 so far this year. This can make it more difficult to ensure our websites are kept up to date.
دسمبر 20, 2022 1 reply
Siteorigin really does a great job by developing & upgrade their plugins and deliver one of the best support for the wordpress community!
ستمبر 16, 2022 1 reply
I love this plugin – I use it for all my sites. I have the premium version and the support is spectacular! Easy to learn and use, tons of awesome features!
مارچ 30, 2022 1 reply
Feel free to call me bias. Not because I work for SiteOrigin but because SiteOrigin works for me. We have been using SiteOrigin premium since 2018 and we build EVERYTHING with it. Fanboy for the Widgets Bundle Too!
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Contributors & Developers

“SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.

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تبدیلی لاگ

1.62.2 – 28 June 2024

  • Improved attribute name handling.
  • Button Grid: Accounted for possible warnings.
  • Carousel: Improved continuous scrolling behavior.
  • Carousel: Update to prevent autoplay in the Block Editor preview.
  • Carousel: Resolved potential PHP deprecated warning.
  • Lottie Player: Fixed attribute output.

1.62.1 – 17 June 2024

  • Accordion: Aligned Scroll to Offset value with Tabs.
  • Button Grid: Resolved a potential layout warning.
  • Contact Form: Resolved potential invalid field border.
  • Updated Google Fonts.
  • Updated Font Awesome.
  • Updated SiteOrigin Installer.

1.62.0 – 06 June 2024

  • New Widget! Button Grid: Add multiple buttons in one go, customize individually, and present them in a neat grid layout.
  • Blog: Validate title HTML tag before output.
  • Slider: Restored Responsive Height setting.
  • Tabs: Always trigger tab_change event when changing tabs.
  • Testimonials: Removed unused SVG.
  • Links Field: Reduced width.

1.61.1 – 20 May 2024

  • Button: Resolved Atom theme background error.

1.61.0 – 19 May 2024

  • New Widget! Recent Posts: Drive traffic to your latest content with a visually appealing, fully customizable recent posts showcase.
  • Button: Minor padding adjustments to improve alignment.
  • Post Carousel: Add Animation Setting.
  • Social Media Buttons: Update to ensure Atom buttons render normally if hover styles are cleared.
  • Social Media Buttons: Updated Skype default colors.
  • Post Selector: Corrected date_query_relative check.
  • Resolved fallback shortcode decoding issue.
  • Increased the required PHP version.

1.60.0 – 26 April 2024

  • Author Box: Applied title margin directly to wrapper and adjusted alignment.
  • Blog: Resolved a potential fatal TypeError.
  • Blog: Resolved settings warning caused by undefined “settings” array key.
  • Carousel: Added full navigation output option.
  • Features: Improved icon position alignment on desktop and mobile.
  • Headline: Resolved a translation issue related to the Tag setting.
  • Post Carousel: Minor settings label adjustments.
  • Post Carousel: Fixed RTL output.
  • Tabs: Updated to use the Anchor ID Manager.
  • Query Posts: Date Range: Changed default and minimum to 1.
  • Multi-Measurement Preset: Resolved an issue with saving values.
  • Page Builder: Resolved missing widgets in the Add Widget modal.
  • Widgets Block: Prevented empty needle warning.
  • Number Field: Updated to account for potential null values to prevent deprecated notice.
  • Fields: Ensured $value isn’t null before processing it to resolve preg_replace() deprecated notice.
  • Deprecated Notices: Resolved intval deprecated notice.

1.59.0 – 11 April 2024

  • New Widget! Author Box: Display author information, including avatar, name, bio, and post links in a customizable box.
  • Contact Form: Resolved an issue where using multibyte characters (e.g., “מייל” for Email) as field labels prevented the form from being submitted correctly.
  • Social Media Buttons: Updated X network color defaults.
  • Social Media Buttons: Added Snapshot Square icon.
  • Social Media Buttons: Updated Wire theme border default colors.
  • Improved icon and font handling.
  • Updated Google Fonts list.
  • Block Editor: Moved editor check to the main Widgets Bundle class.
  • Developer: Added a width argument to text input fields.
  • Developer: Added multi-measurement support to the presets field.
  • Developer: Removed tmp_grunion_allow_editor_view.

1.58.12 – 24 March 2024

  • Post Loop: Resolved a potential post__in error.
  • Post Loop: Resolved a potential post selector post__not_in deprecated warning.

1.58.11 – 23 March 2024

  • Carousel: Resolved a potential warning.
  • Features: Correct HTML tag output.
  • Slider: Replaced $.isFunction usage.
  • Social Media Buttons: Updated Tripadvisor title label.
  • Video Player: Resolved potential warning.
  • Block Editor: Always process shortcodes.
  • Color Field: Added support for color hexadecimal values with alpha channel notation (e.g., #RRGGBBAA). Enhanced validation for RGBA color values.
  • Post Selector: Resolved a potential deprecated notice.
  • Updated SiteOrigin Installer.
  • Developer: Added new Contact Form hooks.

1.58.10 – 05 March 2024

  • Enhanced the saving process and validation for widgets and blocks in the Widgets Block.
  • Loaded defaults for the widget form field.
  • Removed the unfiltered_html check in the Editor Widget.

1.58.9 – 03 March 2024

  • Editor: Resolved shortcode output.

1.58.8 – 02 March 2024

  • Button: Resolved a potential alignment warning.
  • Contact Form: Resolved a potential deprecated notice.
  • Editor: Resolved a potential noreferrer empty text deprecated notice.
  • Features: Prevent a potential feature width CSS miscalculation.
  • Google Maps: Resolved a potential PHP 8.2+ warning.
  • Sliders: Resolved a potential FitVids related error.
  • Color Fields: Resolved a potential deprecated notice.
  • Text Input: Resolved undesired HTML removal on multisite installations.
  • Shifted control for lazy loading images to WordPress.
  • Added additional data sanitization.
  • Beaver Builder: Resolved an issue on save.

1.58.7 – 25 February 2024

  • Anything Carousel: Corrected global responsive settings propagation.
  • Blog: Removed pagination markup if pagination is disabled.
  • Blog: Updated pagination screen reader text and level.
  • Button: Added Calendly to OnClick allowed list.
  • Video Player: Resolved potential FitVids warning.
  • Repeater Tables: Minor styling updates.
  • Textarea: Update to allow line breaks.

1.58.6 – 15 February 2024

  • Added recursive sanitization to fields to prevent potential errors during saving.
  • Post Carousel: Prevented a potential fatal error related to the loop_posts migration.
  • Social Media Buttons: Resolved a potential warning by adjusting the conditions for color changes.
  • Social Media Buttons: Removed redundant changes to the icon_color and icon_color_hover values.

1.58.5 – 12 February 2024

  • Blog: Resolved a potential columns related warning.
  • Block Editor: Prevented a potential text field empty value error.

1.58.4 – 10 February 2024

  • Call to Action: Improved tag handling.
  • Features: Fixed spacing and gap value output.
  • Fields: Improved field sanitization.
  • Social Media Buttons: Migrated Twitter to X.

1.58.3 – 05 February 2024

  • Button: Additional improvements for OnClick handling
  • Button: Added OnClick support for MailerLite.

1.58.2 – 27 January 2024

  • Button: Restricted OnClick field allowed values to known services and functions.

1.58.1 – 26 January 2024

  • Icon: Prevented a Potential TypeError.
  • WooCommerce Shop: Check for SiteOrigin blocks within other blocks.
  • Developer: Added Contact Form siteorigin_widgets_contact_form_field_output.
  • Developer: Prevented a potential error when an ItemLabel isn’t defined.

1.58.0 – 18 January 2024

  • Accordion: Improved accessibility.
  • Accordion: Improved the title icon vertical alignment.
  • Accordion & Tabs: Adjusted the default header background colors.
  • Anything Carousel: Improved cross-browser navigation display.
  • Beaver Builder: Resolved SiteOrigin Slider related error.
  • Carousel: Disabled the ‘previous’ navigation button on the first slide when loop functionality is disabled.
  • Carousel: Resolved a potential undefined variable notice.
  • Carousels: Increased Animation Speed default value.
  • Carousels: Disabled slide transitions if browser motion is set to Reduced.
  • Contact Form: Resolved potential submission form error message display.
  • Features: Reset before/after spacing to prevent misalignment due to third-party global styles.
  • Features: Added a Feature Spacing setting.
  • Google Maps: Resolved deprecated notice.
  • Google Maps: Update to prevent potential data loss when navigating away from the page while editing.
  • Layout Slider: Resolved Extra Top Padding unit of measurement output if a value other than px is selected.
  • Post Carousel: Update to display Autoplay continuous scroll if Autoplay is enabled.
  • Post Carousel: Updated to prevent thumbnail from exceeding display width on mobile.
  • Price Table: Added a Sale Price setting.
  • Price Table: Added HTML support to the Title, Subtitle, Price, and Per fields.
  • Price Table: Moved design related settings to a Design settings section.
  • Slider: Added loading support to the widget’s background image.
  • Slider: Resolved a potential double-up of background images via HTML and CSS.
  • Sliders: Updated to prevent loss of form field focus on input.
  • Social Media Buttons: Added Viber.
  • Tabs: Improved accessibility.
  • Tabs: Updated deprecated KeyCode usage.
  • WooCommerce: Re-render the shop page if there are any Widgets Bundle blocks present.
  • Updated Google Fonts.
  • Updated Font Awesome from 6.4.2 to 6.5.1.
  • Measurement Units: Minor admin styling improvements.
  • Admin Radio Form Fields: Improved cross-browser display.
  • Select2: Minor styling improvements.
  • Developer: Added repeater table item label display option. Allows the repeater to act more like a table.
  • Developer: Added siteorigin_widgets_blog_custom_template to the Blog Widget. Allows for custom templates to be selected from the Template select.
  • Developer: Added box model type indicator classes.

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