Collaborate, publish, and measure content marketing success – all from one central platform

StoryChief empowers marketers and agencies with seamless content collaboration, creation, distribution, and delivers comprehensive reporting and analytics for your content marketing endeavors.

StoryChief elevates content quality, streamlines processes, extends your reach, and improves lead generation with direct publishing to your CMS, social media platforms, DAM, and CRM systems.

Distribute content across all marketing channels with one click, customize campaigns for each platform, and mobilize employees for content promotion.

Accelerate editing processes with approval flows, revisions, and collaborative comments, fostering efficient content production and teamwork.

Leverage SEO copywriting and keyword generator tools to optimize content for search engines, ensuring higher rankings and increased traffic.

Get real-time data insights to identify top-performing content types, fine-tune your content strategy, find new content ideas, and fill your content calendar with content that performs.


  • Centralize team alignment with a unified content marketing calendar.
  • Streamline content distribution with automatic scheduling across CMS and social media platforms, preserving formatting details like header tags, bold, links, and lists.
  • Boost Google ranking with built-in SEO copywriting assistance, SEO audit tools, and a Keyword Generator.
  • Accelerate content creation with strategic AI prompts, featuring brand voice recognition and an AI-driven strategy wizard.
  • Foster collaborative workflows with approval flows, all while maintaining security by limiting access to your CMS admin panel.
  • Gain actionable insights through intuitive dashboards and seamless integration with Google Search Console.

Actions and filters

Developers: This plugin has numerous actions and filters available that can be used to modify the default behaviour of the plugin.

* storychief_after_publish_action($payload)
* storychief_after_delete_action($payload)
* storychief_save_author_action($payload)
* storychief_save_tags_action($payload)
* storychief_save_categories_action($payload)
* storychief_save_featured_image_action($payload)
* storychief_save_seo_action($payload)
* storychief_sideload_images_action($payload)

* storychief_before_handle_filter($payload)
* storychief_is_draft_status($is_draft, $payload)
* storychief_change_post_type($post_type, $payload)
* storychief_alter_response($response)
* storychief_publish_permalink($permalink, $postID)


  • This plugin requires a StoryChief account.
  • PHP version 7.0 or higher
  • WordPress version 5.2 or higher

سکرین شاٹاں

  • Calendar
  • Leads
  • SEO
  • Collaboration
  • Insights
  • Ambassadors

انسٹال کرݨ

  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/plugin-name directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Use the Settings -> StoryChief screen to configure the plugin
  4. Copy over your encryption key from StoryChief

ہرہک دے سوال

Find our complete FAQ here
Support for Divi Builder
Support for WPBakery


جون 18, 2021
I love the ease of use with this plugin that allows me to save time, with distributing my content to multiple sources.
جنوری 21, 2021
I regularly use Storychief for storytelling and also for post on my social accounts. The features are unique and I can save I save a lot of time every day. The support is very useful and very fast to answer to my requests. They often update with a new features and no issues happens. I’m able to publish my posts on the blog both in Italian and English version with no problems. Well done, thank you StoryChief team for your precious work!
مئی 28, 2020
I don’t get to write enough blog posts and articles, but when I do find the time, StoryChief is a great tool to get it done. The clear sequence to follow, the distraction-free writing, prompts to provide all the ‘stuff’ that surrounds an article eg. SEO, links into social media and also direct embed into the website… all make it a breeze. Highly recommended.
مئی 7, 2020
The platform is very user-friendly, and the support is excellent. It makes publishing enjoyable. For both: creator and the end-user. I have never had a chance to post so many different articles on so many destinations (social platforms, WP, emails). Extremely useful and practical.
مئی 7, 2020
Before using StoryChief I was drafting in Docs, sending files, using a Task Managment to have all the process inline. Now with StoryChief save me time and money to run my blog.
سارے 13 ریویو پڑھو

Contributors & Developers

“StoryChief” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.

حصہ پاوݨ آلے

“StoryChief&#8221 دا آپݨی زبان وچ ترجمہ کرو۔

ڈیویلپمنٹ وچ دلچسپی ہے؟

Browse the code, check out the SVN repository, or subscribe to the development log by RSS.

تبدیلی لاگ


  • Updated readme


  • Added: Connection check now returns meta-data; detect the feature to publish an article as draft
  • Added: Future feature “published as draft” in StoryChief
  • Deprecation: Dropped support for PHP below 7.0
  • Deprecation: Dropped support for WordPress below 5.2


  • Improvement: Tested up to WordPress 6.4


  • Feature: Allow publishing to a page.
  • Improvement: Improve how we upload featured image.


  • Feature: Parse literal gutenberg blocks in the content


  • Bugfix: Solved edge-case where media URL conflicts with post url


  • Added formatting of shortcodes


  • Tested up to WordPress 5.9


  • Improvement: Add improvements to the security


  • Improvement: Disable WP-Cron when StoryChief’s webhook is called.


  • Bugfix: New tags would not get connected to the post


  • Feature: Added debug mode


  • Bugfix: Don’t duplicate og tags when RankMath is installed


  • Improvement: Added storychief_alter_response filter


  • Improvement: Tested up to WordPress 5.6
  • Improvement: Added storychief_change_post_type filter
  • Improvement: Updated filter and action documentation


  • Improvement: Tested up to WordPress 5.5
  • Bugfix: Add permission_callback on register_rest_route


  • Bugfix: Fixed bug where saving the author would be done without sanitation disable


  • Improvement: add storychief_is_draft_status filter for granular control over the publish status
  • Improvement: move author linking to seperate action ‘storychief_save_author_action’. Allows for granular control
  • Improvement: add ability to customize the post type on configuration


  • Improvement: remove image data check for duplicates, image optimizers change it each time.


  • Improvement: added mapping of alt-tag


  • Improvement: clear cache after new post is created or updated.


  • Improvement: Improvement to image side-loading.


  • Improvement: Try to map categories and tags on slug before name.


  • Tested up to WordPress 5.4


  • Improvement: added custom styling options for media alignment, video’s and captions
  • Improvement: tested up to WordPress 5.3
  • Improvement: Renamed “Story Chief” and “Storychief” to the correct “StoryChief”


  • Bugfix: Divi content formatting fix


  • Improvement: Added support for Divi theme and Divi Builder


  • Improvement: Add support for Rank Math
  • Bugfix: Canonical URL


  • Bugfix: SEO meta tags where displayed on non-singular pages when no SEO plugin was found.


  • Bugfix: SEOPress pre_get_document_title filter was overwritten by StoryChief


  • Improvement: Added support for All In One Seo Pack Pro


  • Improvement: Added support for All In One Seo Pack
  • Improvement: Added the article’s title as the alt-tag for the Post Featured image


  • Improvement: Added support for Yoast Premium
  • Improvement: Tested up to WordPress 5.0


  • Bugfix: refactored old filters to actions on handleUpdate webhook function


  • Improvement: Return the post Pretty URl instead of Permalink as redirect modules are giving issues.


  • Improvement: Suppress warnings and notices from other plugins that can get prepended or appended to the rest response on bad configured servers.


  • Improvement: Better support for SeoPress and add fallback for when no SEO plugins are installed
  • Bugfix: Images side-loaded for draft articles got in a subfolder based 01/01/1970 date instead op the post date.


  • Bugfix: trigger side-loading of images on update function.


  • Bugfix: use wp_check_filetype() instead of mime_content_type() as it is not always available


  • Complete rewrite of plugin
  • Feature: Option to side-load all images inside the content.
  • Improvement: Avoid duplicate images.


  • Bugfix: Permalink sometimes redirected bots (ex: Facebot) to the homepage. Changed the permalink to stop that.
  • Improvement: Made notices less obtrusive.


  • Added a filter to modify the returned permalink


  • Clearer ‘test mode’ description in settings


  • Added support for SeoPress


  • Increased image side-loading timeout and handled exception gracefully


  • Improved SEO integration


  • Added settings to allow or disallow creation of new tags and categories


  • Added support for SEO plugin Yoast
  • Tested up to version 4.9


  • Don’t return a permalink in test mode, in order to avoid accidental social media posts in test mode


  • Refactored for support of PHP 5.4


  • Added handleUpdate function


  • Added information messages for sub-plugins.
  • Changed insert of tags, categories and featured image through filters (for overwrite/extension purposes)


  • Reformatted code for reuse of import_image function


  • Added custom filter: storychief_before_handle_filter
  • Added custom action: storychief_after_publish_action
  • Added custom action: storychief_after_delete_action
  • Added custom action: storychief_after_test_action


  • Added ability to sync multiple categories.
  • Added an option to automatically create new authors


  • Add ability to save as draft for testing purposes



  • Added support for Google AMP


  • Added support until PHP version 5.2.4


  • Added WP installation url on configuration page for improved usability.
  • Better error handling.


  • Drop the REST API approach and reworked everything with one simple webhook.


  • Connect to your StoryChief destination
  • Publish your articles on your WordPress blog.