Easy Accept Payments for PayPal

Easy to use Wordpress plugin to accept PayPal payments for a service or product or…

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CP Contact Form with PayPal

PayPal integration for contact forms, payment forms, order forms. Adds a contact form and connect…

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Donation Button For PayPal

Create your own PayPal buttons as many as you want as per your need in…

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Paypal Donation

This PayPal Donation WordPress Plugin gives high level of flexible to admin to share some…

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WordPress PayPal Donation Plugin

The WordPress PayPal Donations Plugin allows you to create a donations page or post where…

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Donate Me

Adds PayPal Donation with Donate Me. Simple. Easy. Multiple button and colors.

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Dynamic Donation paypal payflow

Create Donation form by adding various type of fields, export form html to theme directory,…

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