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Master Blocks – Ultimate Gutenberg Blocks for Marketers

Master Blocks – Ultimate Gutenberg Blocks for Marketers


Master Blocks is a powerful WordPress Gutenberg blocks plugin that helps you to create beautiful pages in default WordPress Editor. It extends the capabilities of the Gutenberg editor, providing a rich collection of blocks for building stunning web pages without the need for coding.

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Master Blocks provides 20+ blocks and 5+ extensions for the Gutenberg editor, it helps you to bring your concept into reality.

Gutenberg Blocks:

  • Advanced Title: Create eye-catching headings with unique designs and styles.
  • Accordion: Design interactive accordion sections to present information in a compact manner.
  • Alert: Grab your audience’s attention with customizable alert boxes.
  • Author Box: Showcase author details at the end of your posts or anywhere you want.
  • Call to Action: Catch your visitors mind with our call-to-action blocks.
  • Blockquote: Highlight quotes with various styling options.
  • Image & Content: Combine text and images for visually appealing content.
  • Card: Build stunning card-style layouts for your content.
  • Heading & Sub Heading: Organize unique title section with Heading & Sub heading block.
  • Hero Image: Create hero sections with background images, title, button.
  • Counter Up: Display animated counters for statistics and achievements.
  • Click to Tweet: Encourage social sharing with easy-to-use tweetable content.
  • Feature Box: Showcase key features or services attractively.
  • Social Share: Increase social engagement with customizable share buttons.
  • Testimonial: Display client testimonials and reviews professionally.
  • Pricing Table: Present pricing plans in clear, structured tables.
  • Feature Grid: Highlight product or service features in a grid layout.
  • Testimonial Slider: Showcase testimonials in a dynamic slider.
  • Logo Slider: Create responsive logo carousels to display brands.
  • Buttons: Design and add buttons with custom styles and preset.
  • Post Grid: (Upcoming) Display your posts in a grid layout with various customization options.
  • Row & Column: (Upcoming) Organize your content with flexible row and column blocks.


  • Transform: Use all CSS transform properties to create creative sections and blocks.
  • Animation: Add animations to any block or sections in gutenberg editor.
  • Positioning: Control the positioning of your blocks within your content.

Master Blocks is constantly evolving, with regular updates and new features to enhance your WordPress editing experience. Give it a try today and unlock the full potential of the Gutenberg editor!


Master Blocks is created and maintained by Jewel Theme.


This plugin is licensed under the GPL-2.0+ license. You may use it for both personal and commercial projects.

Thank You

Thank you for choosing Master Blocks! We hope you enjoy using it to create beautiful, engaging content on your WordPress website.

سکرین شاٹاں

  • Screenshot 1: Master Blocks for Gutenberg editor.
  • Screenshot 2: Author box & Custom section in Gutenberg Editor
  • Screenshot 3: Logo Slider, Image & Content block
  • Screenshot 4: Pricing Table, Call to action marketing block
  • Screenshot 5: Social Share, Button block in the Editor


This plugin provides 4 blocks.

  • Master Blocks – Ultimate Gutenberg Blocks for Marketers
  • Master Blocks – Ultimate Gutenberg Blocks for Marketers
  • Master Blocks – Ultimate Gutenberg Blocks for Marketers
  • Master Blocks – Ultimate Gutenberg Blocks for Marketers

انسٹال کرݨ

  1. Upload the ‘ultimate-blocks-for-gutenberg’ folder to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Visit the ‘Gutenberg’ editor to start using Master Blocks’ powerful blocks.

After activation

  1. Visit Menu Master Blocks > Settings menu.
  2. Enable the individual Blocks you would like to use.

ہرہک دے سوال

Do I need coding skills to use Master Blocks?

No, Master Blocks is user-friendly and doesn’t require coding skills. You can easily create and customize content using the blocks provided.

Are there any premium features or a paid version of Master Blocks available?

Currently, Master Blocks is available as a free plugin with a wide range of features. We may introduce premium features in the future.

How can I get support if I encounter issues or have questions?

If you need assistance or have questions, please visit the Contact Page.

Can I customize the styling of Master Blocks to match my website’s design?

Yes, you can customize the styling of Master Blocks to match your website’s design by using the available block settings and custom CSS.

Does Master Blocks work with third-party plugins and extensions?

Master Blocks is designed to work well with other plugins. However, compatibility may vary depending on the specific plugins and extensions you use. We recommend testing for compatibility if needed.

Where can I find documentation and support for Master Blocks?

For detailed documentation and support, please visit our website.

Can I use Master Blocks with any WordPress theme?

Yes, Master Blocks is designed to work seamlessly with any well-coded WordPress theme.


مئی 12, 2019
This plugin is very easy to use, and allows me to create stock calls to action for my posts (Patreon and Ko-Fi links, that sort of thing), along with some reasonable formatting. I haven’t particularly done anything complicated with the software yet, so we’ll see how things go when if I end up doing something more involved later. I may revisit this review at that time.
سارے 14 ریویو پڑھو

Contributors & Developers

“Master Blocks – Ultimate Gutenberg Blocks for Marketers” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.

حصہ پاوݨ آلے

تبدیلی لاگ (20-10-2023)

  • Fixed: Title & subtitle: Inner Blocks content fix to preset-2 & preset-5 after heading.
  • Fixed: Call to Action: border-radius undefined value fix.
  • Fixed: All blocks frontend background overlay full screen fix.
  • Fixed: Testimonial Slider: Author text shadow fix.
  • Update: Demo importer style update.
  • Removed: Social Share: remove google button.
  • Added: Click To Tweet: Twitter username field, default button text change, tweet button settings initial expand off. (12-10-2023)

  • Updated: Black Admin page issue fixed

  • Fixed: Admin Fonts not showing issue fixed
  • Updated: Demo Importer Columns style updated, css issue fixed
  • Updated: Global color update to presets


  • Updated: All blocks has been re-coded
  • Added: New Blocks added – Button, Accordion
  • Added: Admin UI settings added for Gutenberg blocks Turn On/Off
  • Added: White Label options added
  • Added: Admin Settings – Changelogs,System Info and Version Rollback option added


  • Compatibility: Checked Compatibility with WordPress v6.0

  • Added: Blog Post/List View added. Blog post grid/list view. Many controls like – Show/Hide Thumbnails, Show/Hide Author Meta, Excerpt controls, Post Columns and rows, Read More text, Order by etc.

  • Added: Team Block.
  • Fixed: CSS bugs

  • Updated: Checked latest WordPress Compatibility

  • Fixed: Image Content Alignment issue fixed
  • Added: BaseControl Component Added on wp.component utils.js
  • Added: Style Two Added on Call to Action. Added Call to Action Title and Description with Placeholders
  • Added: Feature Box Icon and Second Style

  • Added: Author Profile, Writer Profile Block Added
  • Added: Counter Up Block, Animate Counter or Countdown Offer Block added.

  • Updated: Block based Scripts and Styles loading feature given. Generally different scripts used on different Custom Post Types. Loading different Scripts for specific blocks will be best for Custom Post Types like Portfolio, Team, Gallery Slider, Post Slider etc.
  • Added: Pricing Table Block
  • Added: Social Share Block
  • Added: Sliders like – Logo Slider, Image Slider, Gallery Slider, Slider Gallery, Client Logo Slider, Client Slider added.

  • Removed: GDPR Conscent Block Removed
  • Fixed: Feature Box block font size issue fixed
  • Updated: Screenshots Updated


  • Added: Added Pricing Table Block
  • Added: Added Author Box / Profile Box / Author Card / Profile Card etc
  • Added: Added Pricing Table Block
  • Fixed: BootStrap CSS and JS issue, Other CSS bugs


  • Added: Feature Box Block
  • Added: Feature Grid Block


  • Added: Added Hero Image Gutenberg Block
  • Added: Added Instagram Gutenberg Block
  • Fixed: Blocks Style issue Fixed


  • Upgrade: Version Bump


  • Update: WordPress 5.0 Style and Hooks Compatible
  • Added: Three new Blocks added – Hero Image, Testimonial Slider, Click etc
  • Fixed: Title and Sub Title Section Style Fixed
  • Fixed: Broken Styles on WordPress 5.0 fixed
  • Fixed: Call to Action Style Fixed
  • Upgrade: Version Bump


  • Minor Change in CSS Styles


  • Fixed: Fixed “InspectorControls”, “BlockControls” with “wp.editor” bug
  • Added: Working on Testimonial Sliders
  • Upgrade: Version Bump


  • Version Bump


  • Version Bump


  • Major Release on Structure Updates


  • Date: 20.Nov.2018
  • Updated: Welcome Page Styled
  • Added: Welcome Page – Supported Free Themes Block
  • Added Navigations- How to Use, Documentation, Support, Free Themes and Changelogs
  • Free Themes: VideoStories, Polmo Lite, Reader WP Lite, Jewel Blog, Revideo, Videofy, Videomag, Videofire, Ultimate AMP
  • Update: “Polmo Lite” WordPress Theme has been updated with “Essential Blocks” Plugin Support
  • Added: Welcome Page – Demo links, Features Block, Documentation, Support, Changelogs
  • Removed: Removed Settings Page, all the Settings were on Blocks. So, there’s no need Settings Page. We’ll think about in future
  • Fixed: Renamed Title & Sub Title to Heading & Sub Heading, fixed style issue on text align
  • Fixed: Heading & Sub Heading Section Text * Block Alignment issue fixed on Front end
  • Fixed: Menu Icon Fixed
  • Fixed: Menu Name changed from “UGB” to “Essential Blocks”
  • Update: Block Keywords modified can be found now anything search like “EGB”, “Alert”, “Card” etc. Any text matching will show Search panel


  • Date: 18.Nov.2018
  • Added: Welcome Page Added on WordPress Essential Blocks for Gutenberg Plugin
  • Fixed: Admin Notice Issue, Date issue fixed, Plugin Name and Link issue fixed. Wrong Link on Rating issue fixed
  • Fixed: Alert Block, Blockquotes Block Styling issue fixed.
  • Added: New Blocks – Call to Action Block, Card Block, Image and Content Block, Testimonial Block, Title and Sub Title Blocks were added.
  • Added: Welcome Page added