WP Bulk Delete


WP Bulk Delete is a WordPress Plugin that allows you to delete posts, pages, comments, users, taxonomy terms and meta fields in bulk based with different powerful filters and conditions. WP bulk delete helps in finding and mass deleting unnecessary data clean up. It also helps in imporving Speed and reducing database load.

Powerfull Features

WP bulk Delete support below powerfull conditions and filters.

Deleting posts

  • Delete Posts.
  • Delete WooCommerce Order PRO Version
  • Delete Posts by custom query
  • Delete posts by category
  • Delete posts by Selected category
  • Delete posts by tag
  • Delete Posts by custom post type
  • Delete Posts by post status
  • Delete Posts by date interval
  • Delete Posts by Modified date interval
  • Delete Posts by custom Taxonomy
  • Delete Posts by authors
  • Delete Post by meta fields
  • Delete Post by Content Count
  • Delete Post by Custom Query
  • Delete Posts by title or content. PRO Version
  • Delete Posts by URL. PRO Version
  • Delete the image along with the pos. PRO Version
  • Delete Posts by custom fields. PRO Version
  • Delete Posts by any filters. PRO Version
  • Delete Posts by any conditions. PRO Version
  • Scheduled Delete PRO Version

Delete post by conditions & filters

  • Post date greater than X days
  • Post date less than X days
  • Post in date range
  • Only public posts
  • Only private posts
  • Restrict to first N posts
  • Delete permanently or just move to trash
  • Schedule deletion of posts automatically
  • Post by Category
  • Post by Author
  • Post by status published,pending etc
  • Delete Duplicate Post (comming soon)

Delete Comments

  • Delete Comments
  • Delete Comments by status
  • Delete Comments by date interval
  • Delete Comments by comment author. PRO Version
  • Delete Comments by comment post. PRO Version
  • Delete Comments by conditions & filters PRO Version
  • Scheduled Delete PRO Version

Delete users

  • Delete Users
  • Delete Users by user roles
  • Delete Users by user Email
  • Delete Users by date interval
  • Delete users based on their registered date
  • Delete Users by user meta fields
  • Assign deleted user data to another user. PRO Version
  • Delete Users who don’t have an order. PRO Version
  • Scheduled Delete PRO Version

Delete Meta fields

  • Delete Post Meta fields
  • Delete User meta fields
  • Delete Comment meta fields
  • Delete Taxonomy terms

Database Cleanup

  • Delete Auto Drafts
  • Delete Trash post
  • Delete Revisions
  • Delete Orphaned Meta
  • Delete Duplicate Meta
  • Bulk Delete Post
  • Mass Delete Post

Deleting pages

  • Delete all published pages
  • Delete all draft pages
  • Delete all pending pages
  • Delete all private pages
  • Delete all scheduled pages
  • Delete all pages from trash
  • Delete all revisions pages
  • Delete all trash pages

Deleting post revisions

  • Delete all post revisions
  • Delete all page revisions
  • Delete all Custom Post Type Revisions

WP Bulk Delete PRO Version

We are working on providing more options 🙂


  • If you have found a bug/issue or have a feature request, then post them in Support ticket
  • If you have a question about plugin or need help to troubleshoot plugin, then post about it in our WP Bulk delete Support
  • If you like the Plugin, then kindly leave a review/feedback at WordPress repo page. This will help more people to discover the plugin.
  • Checkout other WordPress Plugins that we have written

سکرین شاٹاں

  • Delete posts by post types.
  • Delete posts by taxonomy.
  • Delete posts by authors.
  • Delete posts by title and content.
  • Delete posts by custom fields.
  • Delete posts by all (general).
  • Delete Comments
  • Delete Users
  • Delete Postmeta
  • Delete Usermeta
  • Delete Commentmeta
  • Delete Taxonomy Terms
  • Cleanup
  • Scheduled Delete
  • Scheduled Delete History

انسٹال کرݨ

This plugin can be installed directly from your site.

  1. Log in and navigate to Plugins & Add New.
  2. Type “WP Bulk Delete” into the Search input and click the “Search” button.
  3. Locate the “WP Bulk Delete” in the list of search results and click “Install Now”.
  4. Click the “Activate Plugin” link at the bottom of the install screen.

It can also be installed manually.

  1. Download the “WP Bulk Delete” plugin from WordPress.org.
  2. Unzip the package and move to your plugins directory.
  3. Log into WordPress and navigate to the “Plugins” screen.
  4. Locate “WP Bulk Delete” in the list and click the “Activate” link.


جولائی 4, 2024 1 reply
I had an issue straight away with the plugin, so deactivated it, it must have raised a ticket with their support team who touched base and fixed the issue. It now works a treat.
جون 13, 2024
Plugin was simple to use and worked great! Deleted over 39,000 comments in seconds. Thanks to Xylus for a super plugin that solves a problem for Wordpress users.
جون 5, 2024 1 reply
Installed this plugin to bulk delete half a million(!) spam comments from a site we inherited. It was simple to use and performed the task quickly and without fuss. Nice.
مئی 3, 2024
In 2023 a client’s site got hacked and over 500,000 user accounts were added within a 2-week period, over the past year they have been manually cleaning the accounts, but the server gives errors if they try to delete more than 50 at a time. I recommended they use this tool as it’s free in its basic form, but it still did not work properly, so I reached out to the support team, asking if we buy it, will it work better. The replies came fast and said we could use the schedule on the Pro version, they even sent links to help us understand how to configure it. So yesterday I bought it and set up the schedule. This morning it is showing over 60,000 of those accounts have been deleted. It’s deleting 1000 ever 30 minutes or so, which is much better than we could do manually. $29 to take away the stress is great value. I will also say a massive thanks to the guys who were replying to me, even though I’m in the UK, I never waited more than a few minutes for a reply.10/10 guys, thank you 🙂 This is how much it did overnight:570,131 01/05/2024Bought WP BULK Delete Pro509,079 03/05/2024 8:27am507,180 9:00am WONDERFUL 🙂
مارچ 26, 2024
Used the plugin to help me clear out personal data and trashed customers and order after transferring a woocommerce site to new ownership. Worked great, lots of additional features.
مارچ 19, 2024
el plugin fue facil e intuitivo de usar, las instrucciones fueron claras, y ofrece varias maneras en las que puedes seleccionar las publicaciones que quieres eliminar, lo recomiendo cumple con su objetivo!
سارے 94 ریویو پڑھو

Contributors & Developers

“WP Bulk Delete” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.

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تبدیلی لاگ


  • IMPROVEMENTS: Support for WP 6.6
  • IMPROVEMENTS: Woocommece Order status filter
  • IMPROVEMENTS: Added new options to the user’s email filter and smoother the filter.


  • ADDED: Delete the post’s image with a custom query.
  • ADDED: Total Delete Count in schedule
  • IMPROVEMENTS: Decreased load time in the User Delete section.


  • ADDED: Delete Posts by URL.(PRO)
  • ADDED: Delete the image along with the post.(PRO)
  • ADDED: Delete Users who don’t have an order ( WooCommerce ).(PRO)
  • FIXED: Don’t Repeat Schedule Bug.(PRO)


  • ADDED: Posts Delete by Content Character Count Filter.(PRO)
  • ADDED: Background Progress Prefix (PRO)
  • FIXED: Delete WP Cron queue when you delete schedule delete.(PRO)
  • IMPROVEMENTS: Post type List Optimized
  • IMPROVEMENTS: Support for WP 6.4
  • IMPROVEMENTS: Added Support for PHP 8.2 and some design and security fixes


  • ADDED: Delete post of selected category only. If post has multiple category it will not deleted.
  • ADDED: PHP Memory and Timeout limit notice in all pages.
  • ADDED: Delete users by emails. You can provide list of email ids and it will delete related users. ( PRO )
  • ADDED: Permanently delete large trash data. ( PRO )
  • FIXED: Comment Counter bug.


  • ADDED: Post Date Delete 1 month, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years options.(PRO)
  • ADDED: 10 minutes and 30 minutes schedule option.(PRO)
  • ADDED: PHP Memory and Timeout limit notice.
  • ADDED: Delete Post with Custom Query option.
  • ADDED: WooCommerce Order Delete Section. ( PRO )
  • ADDED: Post deleted by modified date filter.


  • ADDED: Taiwan language support.
  • ADDED: “Upgrade to Pro” Admin menu.
  • FIXED: Move to Trash option bug.
  • FIXED: Nothing to delete notice bug.
  • IMPROVEMENTS: Support for WP 6.1


  • ADDED: Optional Plugin deactivation Feedback
  • FIXED: Delete button was not showing for WP < 5.3
  • IMPROVEMENTS: Support for WP 5.7


  • FIXED: jQuery DateTimePicker Error


  • ADDED: Scheduled Delete
  • ADDED: Multiple options in date range
  • ADDED: PRO as addon
  • IMPROVEMENTS: Some code improvements


  • FIXED: jQuery Error


  • FIXED: Some bug fixes


  • FIXED: Some bug fixes in delete users


  • Added: post count after posttypes


  • Added Delete Comments
  • Added Delete Users
  • Added Delete Postmeta fields
  • Added Delete Usermeta fields
  • Added Delete Commentmeta fields
  • Added Delete Taxonomy Terms
  • Added Cleanup


  • Initial Version.