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Mizan Real Estate

  • ورژن 0.2
  • Last updated ایف جے، وائی
  • Active installations 80+
  • WordPress version 5.6
  • PHP version 7.2

Mizan Real Estate is a multipurpose, elegant, and sophisticated WordPress theme designed for real estate professionals. Its clean and minimalistic design, coupled with retina-ready visuals, ensures a visually stunning experience for users. With a user-friendly interface and responsive layout, it caters to both developers and end-users, offering seamless navigation and interaction across all devices. This theme comes with a plethora of personalization options, allowing developers to tailor the website according to their preferences and needs. It features a dedicated testimonial section where clients can share their experiences, enhancing credibility and trustworthiness. Engaging banners and call-to-action buttons prompt visitors to take desired actions, improving conversion rates. Social media integration enables easy sharing of property listings, expanding reach and visibility across various platforms. The Mizan Real Estate WordPress Theme is also SEO-friendly, with optimized codes ensuring faster page load times and improved search engine rankings. Its clean and secure codebase ensures a safe browsing experience for users. Built on modern technologies like Bootstrap, this theme offers a wide range of shortcodes and customization options, making it suitable for various real estate businesses. The Mizan Real Estate WordPress Theme combines luxurious aesthetics with practical functionality to create a compelling online presence for real estate professionals.

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This theme is available in the following languages: English (US).

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