Academy LMS – eLearning and online course solution for WordPress


Academy LMS is a robust and feature-packed eLearning and online course solution for WordPress. This LMS plugin seamlessly connects with any WordPress site and makes it easy to create courses & lessons and sell online. With this user-friendly and superfast plugin, you can transform your website into a professional and intriguing e-learning platform.

Academy LMS is unique since it comes with a Frontend SPA (Single Page Application) interface. It is one of the finest free WordPress LMS plugins for building courses, modifying courses, producing quizzes, and receiving a thorough course overview.

Academy LMS Live Demo ⭐ || ⭐ Documentation

Academy LMS plugin gives you the opportunity to enhance educational institutions and sites rapidly and effortlessly without the need for technical skills. You can always create and offer courses with your personalized settings with the free version. However, if you integrate WooCommerce with this plugin, you can sell your paid courses and generate money.

🤝 We want you to be a part of the constantly expanding Academy LMS community.

A vibrant network of educational institutions, entrepreneurs, instructors, developers, and LMS specialists awaits you after installing this plugin. Join our community and help us improve the educational service provided by our plugin.

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Complete Guide on Academy LMS 📚

  • Create a course in the shortest possible time using the Academy LMS plugin.
  • A step-by-step YouTube video tutorial of the course setup process on your site.

✨ Looking for the best WordPress LMS plugin for your website?

Activate Academy LMS, the most efficient and reliable online course builder plugin. Transform your website into an e-learning platform to easily create, customize, and sell premium courses. By activating this plugin, you will be unlocking the next-generation learning management system.

Features 🔥

  • Admin SPA interface (build with reactjs)
  • LMS Analytics/Report
  • Course builder
  • Frontend dashboard
  • Video lessons
  • Multiple video sources (self-hosted, YouTube, Vimeo, embedded video, external server video)
  • Teacher registration form
  • Student registration form
  • Course review and rating system
  • Video Poster (trailer/teaser)
  • Tracking course progress
  • Course Difficulty Level
  • Define Course Duration
  • Add course requirement and instruction
  • Content Security
  • Course wishlist
  • Question and Answer
  • WooCommerce Integration (paid course selling)
  • Multi Instructors
  • Multi Instructors Revenue Sharing option
  • Earning Management
  • Withdrawal Management
  • RTL Ready
  • Student & Instructor Dashboards
  • Public Profiles
  • Certificates
  • Quiz Builder
  • Email Notification (Pro)
  • Content Drip (Pro)
  • Manual Enrolment (Pro)
  • WooCommerce Subscriptions (Pro)
  • Zoom Integration (Pro)
  • Advanced Analytics (Pro)

💻 Admin SPA interface: The Academy LMS is designed in such a way that all of the features and settings are loaded immediately and without delay. The interface is developed using the React.js framework, which loads all of the components as soon as you click on any option or settings. Because of this tool’s incredible speed, creating and altering any course or lesson is as easy as butter.

📊 LMS Analytics/Report: Academy LMS provides comprehensive course statistics or overview. You can get a complete overview of the total number of courses, lessons, questions, instructors, students, and other information. Consequently, users may keep track of student data as well as utilize the reports to make informed choices.

🛠️ Course Builder: Using this WordPress LMS plugin, you can quickly generate a course on any existing website. While creating a course you can include information like videos, attachments, authors, supplementary data, benefits of the courses, prerequisites, summary, video content & banner. Create a course for each topic without any hassle and add other assets to each lesson. The power of this plugin allows you to provide courses on an easy UI with all necessary features and create an exceptional learning environment.

🪟 Frontend dashboard: This plugin also has a front-end dashboard for each user role ( students, Instructors, etc.). Upon logging in, the dashboard enables the users to see all of their information in one place, including their profile, courses, lessons, reviews, etc. Additionally, every sort of payment information will be available in the same place for users.

🎦 Video Lessons: Create video lessons to enhance your course content instead of just using it as text. The course builder section of Academy LMS makes it easy to make and publish video lessons. In fact, video courses are more successful than text-based instruction.

🎬 Multiple video sources: As we mentioned earlier, Academy LMS allows you to upload video content as course material. Simply upload a self-hosted video, provide an URL of youtube or any other video platform, embed a video, and provide server info to add a video to your course or lesson.

📑 Teacher registration form: Instructors can use the Academy LMS interface’s simple to understand forms to register for the system (website). The data is forwarded to the backend for admin approval when a user submits a form. After receiving permission, the person is then enrolled as an instructor in the system.

📑 Student registration form: The easy registration form allows users to get a student role in the learning management system conveniently. When the admin accepts the student’s registration form, the user gets a user role as a student. Students can get more benefits compared to normal subscribers.

⭐ Course review and rating: While using this LMS system, enrolled students can submit a review or rate a course.

🎴 Video Poster (trailer/teaser): You can add an intro video for a course through the Course Settings area. Simply provide a video URL (ex: YouTube) or upload your video from the local directory.

📈 Tracking course progress: Users can keep track of their overall activities and course status while learning. Academy LMS provides extensive statistics and an easy-to-operate interface for tracking your overall course progress. As a result, customers can keep track of their progress and retain their commitment to finishing the course.

🔺 Course Difficulty Level: You can define the course difficulty level from the course settings. This allows the users to determine a course’s difficulty level (Beginner, Intermediate, Expert ). The course difficulty level is shown so that users may determine how challenging a course is.

⏲️ Define Course Duration: From the course settings tab, specify a total course duration. Users may establish the exact course length by including the total hours, minutes, and seconds of a course.

📋 Add course requirements & instructions: You may quickly add new course prerequisites and instructions. Describe the course’s advantages, target audience, and other information in this area.

🔒 Content Security: Get complete control over what you place in the media folder, including video content. Academy LMS protected users’ privacy and content security. How? Only the content owners can see what they’ve posted. Consequently, only you have access to the system’s uploaded file, while other users do not. Isn’t it fantastic?

💫 Course wishlist: Make a wishlist for your favorite course with a single click on the wishlist button. This feature enables customers to go back to their wishlist and choose their favorite course at a later time.

📝 Question and Answer: After starting a course, enrolled students can view questions and answer in the Q&A tab. So, users can view their course-related questions and answers with a single tap. Students can open a form from the question and answer section, submit their answers, and get answers from their instructors.

💪 WooCommerce Powered: This is the part where you will start earning money by selling paid courses. If you plan to sell courses through your website, the Academy LMS is the best option for you. If you install and activate the WooCommerce plugin, it will automatically connect with the Academy LMS. There is no need for any further change in configuration. By syncing WooCommerce, you get the subscription, payment methods, membership, and full support of WooCommerce extensions with Academy LMS.

⏫ Multi Instructors: Academy LMS offers you multi-dimensional learning opportunities. You can learn one course from multiple course authors since the plugin allows multiple authors assigned for a particular course. Therefore, there will be an instructor always available for a particular course. As an admin, you can add multiple authors for a single course which will be visible in the instructor section.

💱 Multi Instructors Revenue Sharing: From the Earning tab of the settings, you can enable earning for the instructors, set commission percentage, instructors commission, fee deduction, etc. You can share the profit with those authors who want to sell their courses from your website with these settings.

💵 Earning Management: This tool allows you to easily transfer course revenues between admin and teachers using the Academy LMS, including the ability to swiftly determine and distribute the proportion of earnings, deduct fees as required, and more. You’ll get complete summaries and data about your profits, commissions, and other important details.

💁‍♂️ Withdrawal Management: This feature in Academy LMS allows you to withdraw your earnings from the frontend dashboard easily. You can set the lowest amount that the instructors can withdraw. Moreover, users can choose between different withdrawal options and get all the withdrawal statistics. The whole process is smooth and reliable because you can withdraw your earnings securely.

⬅️ RTL Ready: Academy LMS is right-to-left language (RTL) ready. Thus, the plugin will support RTL languages such as Arabic, Hebrew, etc. If your WordPress site is converted to the RTL mode, everything will be displayed in a right-to-left format without harming the user interface of the plugin.

🖥️ Student & Instructor Dashboards: In the academy, LMS Plugin students and instructors will have their separate dashboards. They will get all the features and settings in one single interface on their personal account-based dashboard.

👥 Public Profiles: Users may browse an instructor’s public profile and get pertinent information about that tutor. You may check how many courses an instructor has taken, reviews, and how many students are registered with that instructor by looking at their public profile. You may share the public profile with people on the web since there is a sharing option.

📜 Certificates: This LMS addon comes with a robust certificate system. However, you must install the Academy Certificate extension to use this system. You may create and award certificates to pupils using this system.

🔧 Quiz Builder: Academy LMS offers you a versatile quiz builder that enables you to easily create interactive quizzes. Enrich the learning process by creating compelling quizzes with some amazing features. You can include unlimited questions of different formats such as True/False, Multiple Choice, Single choice, etc.

Easily set quiz summaries, answers, time limits, grades, question orders, feedback mode, and more. This amazing part is that the quizzes are reusable, and you can include your preferred quiz in multiple courses. Plus, instructors can easily review the quizzes and evaluate the students of your eLearning platform.

You can learn more about the Academy LMS plugin from our website. ( )

👤 Who can use Academy LMS?

Those who want to create a website can benefit from the Academy LMS plugin. This amazing WordPress LMS tool will allow you to make your course and customize them quickly. Therefore, e-learning site management will become simple and painless. With the help of WordPress, the world’s best content management system becomes the next level.

The following are the user-base of the Academy LMS plugin:

  • Educational Institutes (School, College, Universities)
  • Education enthusiasts
  • E-learning platform owners
  • WordPress Instructors
  • WordPress agencies
  • IT Department
  • Freelancers
  • Online Content Creators (Text, Video, Audio)
  • Marketing Agencies
  • Online Course Publishers
  • Government
  • Enterprise
  • WordPress LMS industry professionals

🙋 Why should I Choose Academy LMS Plugin?

Academy LMS WordPress plugin gives you the superfast tool you need to create a professional-looking e-learning website. The features will surely appeal to your target audience and learners.

Its clean and basic style makes it simple to grasp, allowing you to save time by not having to learn how to use it like other LMS plugins in the industry.

Every stage of the learning process, including course development, registration, and completion, is available in a user interface that eliminates the need to switch tabs repeatedly. The plugin will make the whole procedure painless and exceptionally smooth.

➕ Free add-ons for Academy LMS WordPress Plugin

  • Academy Elementor Addons – Academy LMS Elementor Addons provides 23+ widgets to create an entire eLearning site.
  • Academy Starter Templates – Academy Starter Templates is a one-click demo Importer addon for Academy LMS. Currently, there are three templates that you can choose from and create your e-Learning site with one click. But more templates are coming in this section pretty soon.
  • Academy Certificates – Generate downloadable certificates for a particular course and award them to your students after finishing a course. With this addon, the whole procedure becomes remarkably quick and simple.

📔 Academy LMS Themes/Templates

Academy LMS integrates seamlessly with WordPress websites. It creates a professional learning platform that looks and works fine with any WordPress theme. You can customize the appearance and configure the plugin to resemble your brand and website simultaneously.

🗣 Academy LMS Language Support

Academy LMS plugin gives you extensive language support for your learning management system. If you change the language of your site, the plugin’s language will change as well. This is particularly impressive since it eliminates the requirement for a third-party plugin to alter the plugin’s language.

👨🏻‍💻 Academy LMS support

Since users are the king, Academy LMS provides excellent service to all users. We make every effort to provide comprehensive assistance to all users, whether premium or free.

  • The support ticket system
  • Technical Support
  • Free Training on LMS
  • Free Setup
  • Dynamic Resources
  • Detailed Documentation
  • Issue Specific Documentation
  • User Community-based queries
  • Developers Queries
  • Author specific Support


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💙 Loved Academy LMS?

سکرین شاٹاں

  • Academy Analytics/Report
  • Course Page
  • Course Details Page
  • Course Details Page (Topics list & Review)
  • Course Lessons Page
  • User Frontend Dashboard Page
  • Instructor Public Profile Page

ہرہک دے سوال

Is the Academy LMS plugin free?

The plugin comes in free and premium (paid) versions. The premium version or Pro edition of the plugin gives you additional capabilities that are not available in the free version, allowing more flexibility and functionalities.

Yet, the fundamental feature of creating, maintaining, and offering paid courses are accessible in both editions.

How to obtain support or speak with a team member of Academy LMS?

Academy LMS support team is available 24/7. Create a support ticket to report the issue please Click Here. You can always utilize the live-chat system of our website for any kind of inquiry.

Is it possible to translate the plugin into another language?

Yes, the plugin already supports all the available languages in WordPress settings. This means you may choose your preferred language for your WordPress site and browse the plugin in that language.

What kind of media files does Academy LMS support?

The plugin enables you to upload files in a variety of formats. You can display various sorts of information such as text, video, and PDFs in your uploaded courses. Apart from that, we offer a course/lesson attachments facility where you can attach items.

How to submit issues or suggest improvements to the Plugin?

If you want to submit an issue or suggest improvements to the plugin, you can simply use the WordPress support forum. Also, you can use our support system to do so.

Can I Install Academy LMS in customized or other themes?

Yes, you can install and activate this plugin in a customized or other WordPress theme. It integrates seamlessly with any free and premium theme as long as it’s a WordPress theme.

How can I get all the latest announcements and release notes of Academy LMS?

Simply sign up to our mailing list and visit the blog section of Academy LMS for all the info regarding release notes and announcements.


جنوری 22, 2023
i tried neary every plug in on lms. this oone has the best backend and front-end experience on creating and editingba course . and features, maybe more than highly priced ones. above all the authors reply to your questions and problems immediately. and even make a major update on your problem and release. not just, take this code and paste to here.etc. best for none coders like me.. congratulations !
جنوری 21, 2023
I have based my whole website on this plugin and the result is amazing!! Support is also more than brilliant and are allways focused on helping you, no matter what! I could not be more satisfied with Academy LMS
جنوری 8, 2023
Thank you for creating this and keeping it up to date. We would not be able to have free online schooling for Pre K- 12th grade for all children throughout the world. We are able to provide free online learning for all even advanced college levels courses all for FREE. May your life be blessed abundantly and filled with love, joy, peace and prosperity.
نومبر 22, 2022 1 reply
I've tested a lot of LMS plugins, and this one tops them all, and it's FREE! Other Premium LMS are a headache, while Academy LMS has a really user-friendly admin page. Granted, the plugin is pretty new and I've had a lot of back-and-forth with support (I needed the plugin in a foreign language and a lot of strings were non-translatable), and ran into quite a few issues BUT!! Support is lightning fast and fixes ANYTHING within minutes! Within a few weeks I've seen the plugin evolve super fast and I can't wait to see the Premium version and all the upcoming improvements that currently are in the pipeline. The student dashboard could be improved but I'm confident it will be improved soon. The course template can be customzed with Elementor and I can't wait for every lesson content to be Elementor-friendly. I've exchanged with support a lot and I know that whatever bad reviews are complaining about is going to be fixed soon or has already been fixed. I'm really excited about this plugin! Thanks for the great work!!
سارے 17 ریویو پڑھو

Contributors & Developers

“Academy LMS – eLearning and online course solution for WordPress” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.

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Browse the code, check out the SVN repository, or subscribe to the development log by RSS.

تبدیلی لاگ

1.4.1 – 19/01/2023

Fixed – New course edit issue
Fixed – Html5 Video upload issue
Fixed – Course builder drag and drop UI Break issue
Fixed – Bulk action Default value removed
Fixed – Modal data fetching issue
Fixed – Embedded lesson height issue issue
Fixed – Status ui issue
Fixed – Course builder icon issue
Fixed – List table ui issue
Fixed – Theme compatibility issue
Added – Auto order complete option (WooCommerce)
Added – Reset password notification
Added – Option to remove any instructor
Update – Lesson Video type selection field
Update – Quiz question answer field ui
Update – Lesson Quiz answer filed ui

1.4.0 – 08/01/2023

  • Added – Frontend Course Builder
  • Added – Academy LMS Pro Zoom Compatibility
  • Added – Active Course, Complete Course Tab Inside Frontend Dashboard
  • Added – Frontend Dashboard all form auto saved option
  • Added – Add collapsible toggle menu for frontend dashboard
  • Added – Canva Support for lesson and course intro
  • Update – Purchase History Table UI
  • Update – Profile information
  • Update – Wishlist UI
  • Update – Withdrawal Table UI
  • Update – Revamped Mark as complete functionalities
  • Update – Improve Admin Tools Page UI
  • Update – Withdraw Modal UI Update
  • Update – Improve Quiz and Withdraw Request List Table
  • Fixed – Given and Received Review data facing logic
  • Fixed – Modal Scroll not working for firefox browser
  • Fixed – Quiz step issue fix for firefox browser

1.3.6 – 18/12/2022

  • Fixed – Last Enrolled Ajax Callback issue
  • Few minor bug fix & improvements

1.3.5 – 17/12/2022

  • Added – Academy LMS Pro Advanced analytic compatibility
  • Update – All Popup Modal UI/UX
  • Update – Make Course Title as required
  • Fixed – Question Body not showing inside admin dashboard
  • Fixed – Student Registration Page UI breaks
  • Fixed – Total Lesson analytic not working properly
  • Fixed – Lesson & Quiz list table data faceing issue
  • Fixed – Quiz Image preview issue fixed
  • Fixed – Single/multiple Quiz Question form break issue
  • Fixed – Minor UI Issue Fixed
  • Fixed – Student Lesson prerequisite item not clickable issue
  • Fixed – Drip Content admin settings now working properly
  • Few minor bug fix & improvements

1.3.4 – 28/11/2022

  • Fixed – Student Lesson Page UI issue
  • Fixed – Disable Youtube Related Video
  • Fixed – Lesson attachment and video meta not updating
  • Removed – SVG Icon
  • Updated – Icon pack
  • Few minor bug fix & improvements

1.3.3 – 16/11/2022

  • Added – Academy Pro Compatibility
  • Fixed – Course Fatured Image streach Issue
  • Fixed – Lesson Modal Video Popup issue
  • Fixed – Login Modal Responsive Issue Fixed
  • Fixed – Registration form Not check allow membership
  • Update – Addons Page UI
  • Few minor bug fix & improvements

1.3.2 – 05/11/2022

  • Added – WP 6.1 Compatibility
  • Fixed – Hello Elementor Theme Compatibility Issue
  • Fixed – Astra Theme Compatibility Issue
  • Fixed – OceanWP Compatibility Issue
  • Fixed – WP 6.1 Compatibility Issue
  • Fixed – Popup Login Modal Responsive Issue
  • Fixed – React Select UI issue
  • Update – Academy Icon Pack
  • Few minor bug fix & improvements

1.3.1 – 30/10/2022

  • Fixed – Multi Instructor DB Query Issue if disable Multi Instructor Addon
  • Fixed – Frontend Dashboard WooCommerce user purchase history wrong info showing issue
  • Few minor bug fix & improvements

1.3.0 – 29/10/2022

  • Added – New Quiz Builder
  • Added – New Tools Page
  • Added – New Addon Page
  • Added – New Setup Screen Page
  • Added – New Module Pattern
  • Added – New Search Shortcode
  • Added – Popup Notification
  • Added – All Button Loading Effect
  • Added – Customizer Tab Design
  • Added – Popup Login Form
  • Added – Ajax Based Registration for instructions/student Form
  • Update – Revamped Course Builder
  • Update – Revamped Settings
  • Update – Revamped Categories UI
  • Update – Revamped Tags UI
  • Update – Update All Radio Control and Checkbox Control Design
  • Update – Added logged in message on/off attributes for Login Shortcode
  • Fixed – Translation issue
  • Fixed – Lesson & course title special character issue fixing
  • Fixed – Student registration redirect issue
  • Fixed – WooCommerce Thank You course dashboard link not showing issue solving
  • Fixed – WooCommerce Paid course force login and Course Dashboard Menu Link Issue
  • Fixed – WooCommerce Product will be not assign to multiple course
  • Fixed – Elementor Style not working on academy pages
  • Few minor bug fix & improvements

1.2.15 – 21/08/2022

  • Added – Academy Elementor Addon login widget compatibility
  • Updated – Revamped Course Builder
  • Fixed – Duplicate Lesson Issue fixed
  • Fixed – Frontend Dashboard Avatar Image Size Issue
  • Fixed – Author/Instructor Profile PHP Warning
  • Few minor bug fix & improvements

1.2.14 – 24/07/2022

  • Fixed – Lesson Editor saved data not showing
  • Fixed – Instructor Withdraw History Order Issue
  • Fixed – Instructor Withdraw amount sync issue fixed
  • Fixed – Frontend Dashboard withdraw settings restricted for student
  • Fixed – Category & Tags Admin Settings restricted for instructor
  • Added – Customizer Wishlists on/off control
  • Added – Frontend Dashboard Currency Symbol
  • Few minor bug fix & improvements

1.2.13 – 26/06/2022

  • Added – Login Shortcode
  • Fixed – Woocommerce Product search issue
  • Fixed – Widthdraw Details not showing issue
  • Fixed – Widthdraw Data show order issue
  • Few minor bug fix & improvements

1.2.12 – 15/06/2022

  • Fixed – Translation Issue
  • Fixed – Lesson Play Page Responsive Issue
  • Few minor bug fix & improvements

1.2.11 – 06/06/2022

  • Fixed – PHP 5.6 Compatibility issue
  • Few minor bug fix & improvements

1.2.10 – 04/06/2022

  • Added – Lesson Play Page Next/Prev and percentage Option
  • Fixed – Word Wrap issue fixing for all pages.
  • Fixed – Existing Lesson Not Updating.
  • Few minor bug fix & improvements

1.2.9 – 22/05/2022

  • Fixed – Word Wrap issue fixing
  • Updated – plugin Description
  • Few minor bug fix & improvements

1.2.8 – 09/05/2022

  • Added – Enroll Count on/off option inside customize settings
  • Added – Topics list first item initially open or close option inside customize settings
  • Added – Instructor reviews on/off option inside customize settings
  • Added – Course Grid reviews on/off option inside customize settings
  • Few minor bug fix & improvements

1.2.7 – 01/05/2022

  • Added – Course Permalink structure settings
  • Added – Scripts dependancy priority constant
  • Updated – Paid Course components
  • Fixed – Course Archive Page title Issue
  • Fixed – Course Archive Rank Math Conflict issue
  • Few minor bug fix & improvements

1.2.6 – 16/04/2022

  • Fixed – Exisitng Page Template Not Showing issue
  • Few minor bug fix & improvements

1.2.5 – 16/04/2022

  • Added – Term Link View Button
  • Fixed – Course detials responsive issue
  • Fixed – Course Archive Filter ajax action automatic fire after page refresh
  • Fixed – Category & Tag Taxonomy URL not working issue
  • Fixed – Multiple Login Form Showing inside frontend dashboard
  • Few minor bug fix & improvements

1.2.4 – 06/04/2022

  • Fixed – Course Details Social Share dropdown not opening issue
  • Fixed – Course Editor Permalink issue
  • Fixed – Admin Dashboard Page Title not updating
  • Few minor bug fix & improvements

1.2.3 – 02/04/2022

  • Added – PDF Embedded Option inside course & Lesson
  • Fixed – Lesson Editor Shortcode Not Working issue
  • Fixed – Course Editor woocommerce product sync issue solved
  • Fixed – Course Builder Edit topic toggle issue
  • Fixed – Course Builder First topic updating issue
  • Removed – Course Editor extra add new category button
  • Removed – Course Builder add topic button
  • Updated – Course Editor Settings UI Improvement
  • Updated – Course Editor Settings announcement UI
  • Updated – Lesson Playing Page UI Improvement
  • Few minor bug fix & improvements

1.2.2 – 27/03/2022

  • Fixed – PHPCS Related Issue
  • Fixed – JSLINT Related Issue
  • Fixed – Lesson Video Time issue
  • Fixed – Demo Course Rating Not Working
  • Fixed – Course Builder Sorting issue
  • Fixed – Admin Submenu Active issue
  • Fixed – Astra Theme Compatibility issue for Instructor Public Profile page
  • Fixed – Instructor Public Profile page Share Button Issue
  • Fixed – Instructor Public Profile Review UI Break Issue
  • Fixed – Frontend Dashboard Responsive UI Issue
  • Fixed – Frontend Dashboard Withdraw Modal UI Issue
  • Fixed – Student Lesson Playing Page UI Issue
  • Added – New Customizer Settings control for on/off lesson preview image inside course detials
  • Added – New Customizer Settings control for on/off review statistic box inside course detials
  • Added – Notice for new user registration inside Academy LMS Dashboard
  • Added – prevent Third Party Plugin scripts load inside Academy LMS Dashboard
  • Added – prevent Theme Style Assets load inside Academy Lesson playing page
  • Updated – Course Builder UI/UX
  • Updated – Admin Category Page UI
  • Updated – Admin Tags Page UI
  • Few minor bug fix & improvements

1.2.1 – 22/03/2022

  • Fixed – HTML5 Video not Uploading
  • Few minor bug fix & improvements

1.2.0 – 17/03/2022

  • Added – Academy Certificates Addon Compatibility
  • Few minor bug fix & improvements

1.1.13 – 08/03/2022

  • Added – RTL Compatibility
  • Fixed – If delete course then user meta, Enrolled data delete not working
  • Fixed – Received Review not showing issue
  • Fixed – Course & Lesson pending status select able issue
  • Fixed – Latest Instructor not showing inside first lists
  • Updated – Restricted some frontend dashboard components for student
  • Few minor bug fix & improvements

1.1.12 – 26/02/2022

  • Update – academy.pot file update
  • Few minor bug fix & improvements

1.1.11 – 20/02/2022

  • Improvement – Fronted Dashboard Withdraw UI
  • Fixed – Academy Elementor Addons JS Compatibility Issue
  • Fixed – Translation issue fixing
  • Few minor bug fix & improvements

1.1.10 – 13/02/2022

  • Added – Academy Elementor Addons Compatibility
  • Improvement – Admin Course Lesson Popup modal UI issue
  • Improvement – Update lesson search UI and lesson data order
  • Improvement – Course Editor category UI
  • Fixed – Lesson data fetching Order issue
  • Fixed – Frontend Dashboard user profile bio HTML not working issue
  • Fixed – Instructor Public Profile bio HTML not working issue
  • Fixed – Elementor JS Compatibility issue
  • Fixed – Dashboard UI issue
  • Fixed – Translation issue
  • Fixed – if paid course product id deleted (WooCommerce) then fire fatal issue
  • Fixed – Course Thumbnail automatic not generating issue
  • Fixed – Course Wishlist UI Break issue
  • Fixed – Course single sticky widget smoothly not working issue
  • Fixed – Course single sticky widget smoothly not working issue
  • Fixed – Paid Course is purchaseable checking
  • Fixed – Instructor course count not working issue
  • Fixed – Course editor blank issue
  • Few minor bug fix & improvements

1.1.9 – 01/02/2022

  • Fixed – Course Editor tag remove not working issue
  • Fixed – Course Editor Woocommerce Product not save issue
  • Fixed – Course Editor HTML5 Video not save issue
  • Few minor bug fix & improvements

1.1.8 – 30/01/2022

  • Added – WP 5.9 Compatibility
  • Added – Admin Course Sidebar New UI
  • Added – Admin Lesson Sidebar New UI
  • Added – Admin Category Manange Page
  • Added – Admin Tags Manange Page
  • Fixed – Admin Course editor excerpt p tag showing issue
  • Fixed – Admin Course editor child & parent category hierarchy issue
  • Fixed – Wishlist spinner icon not working issue
  • Fixed – Instructor course count not working issue
  • Few minor bug fix & improvements

1.1.7 – 16/01/2022

  • Added – Customizer styles settings for course archive & course details page.
  • Added – New Video Source (external URL and Embedded URL) for course & Lessons
  • Fixed – Admin SPA Lessons and Courses redux disptach issue
  • Few minor bug fix & improvements

1.1.6 – 09/01/2022

  • Fixed – Lesson Editor HTML Not supporting issue fixing
  • Fixed – Tinymce Editor typography and color related issue fixing
  • Fixed – Academy Fronted Dashboard woocommerce transaction related query not working
  • Added – Added a linked option with Woocommerce frontend dashboard menu & Customer Order Page
  • Few minor bug fix & improvements

1.1.5 – 04/01/2022

  • Fixed – Manage Academy Role related issue fixing
  • Few minor bug fix & improvements

1.1.4 – 03/01/2022

  • Added – Restricted upload/attachment file access permission for users
  • Added – Academy Student User Role
  • Added – Course permalink edit system
  • Fixed – academy_dashboard shortcode UI not showing inside elementor editor
  • Fixed – Student not able to change profile picture and cover photo
  • Fixed – Custom Avatar image not showing issue
  • Few minor bug fix & improvements

1.1.3 – 30/12/2021

  • Added – Student Lesson Playing Page showing content and attachement files
  • Added – Tinymce Editor
  • Removed – Draft.js editor
  • Updated – Admin UI Update
  • Few minor bug fix & improvements

1.1.2 – 27/12/2021

  • Fixed – Archive Course Header not showing issue
  • Fixed – Lesson status not showing inside editor
  • Fixed – Lesson Playing Page Lesson duration not showing
  • Updated – Admin UI Update
  • Few minor bug fix & improvements

1.1.1 – 26/12/2021

  • Fixed – Reset Query not working issue fixing
  • Few minor bug fix & improvements

1.1.0 – 26/12/2021

  • Added – Archive Course Filter
  • Added – Instructor Public Profile Sidebar and Banner (New Design)
  • Added – Customizer Settings
  • Added – Theme Compatibility (Hello Elementor, Astra, OceanWP, Twenty Twenty One)
  • Added – Academy Canvas Page Template
  • Fixed – Archive Course Pagination Hook Issue
  • Fixed – User Frontend Dashboard Protected from non loged in users issue
  • Fixed – Course Lesson Playing Page Security improvements
  • Fixed – Prevent direct access classes and files
  • Fixed – Archive Course Site Title issue fixing
  • Fixed – Archive Course not working issue on plain permalink structure
  • Updated – Academy Icon Pack
  • Updated – Course Archive Page Design
  • Updated – Theme Compatibility
  • Few minor bug fix & improvements

1.0.8 – 21/11/2021

  • Fixed – Course Intro Vimeo video not playing issue
  • Fixed – Student Not able to ask Question issue
  • Fixed – Instructor Not able to see their course Related Question issue
  • Updated – Withdraw Request Page restricted from instructor
  • Few minor bug fix & improvements

1.0.7 – 18/11/2021

  • Fixed – Woocommerce course not found fatal error
  • Updated – Admin Analytics Page UI
  • Updated – Admin Courses Page UI
  • Updated – Admin Add New Course Page UI
  • Updated – Admin Lessons Page UI
  • Updated – Admin Add New Lessson Page UI
  • Updated – Admin Question and Answer Page UI
  • Updated – Admin Withdraw Request Page UI
  • Updated – Admin Instructors Page UI
  • Updated – Admin Students Page UI
  • Updated – Admin Settings Page UI
  • Few minor bug fix & improvements

1.0.6 – 24/10/2021

  • Added – Multi Instructor Revenue Sharing
  • Added – Course thubnail permalink
  • Added – Added analytics
  • Fixed – Shortcode not working in elementor editor issue fixing
  • Few minor bug fix & improvements

1.0.5 – 06/10/2021

  • Added – Multi Instructor
  • Updated – Instructor Role
  • Fixed – Allow Instructor automatic course publish permission issue
  • Fixed – Lesson Playing Page Video UI broken issue fixing

1.0.4 – 20/09/2021

  • Fixed – Courses shortcode Style not working
  • Added – Course Question and Anwser
  • Fixed – Lesson Preview Not Working
  • Fixed – Course Editor & Lesson Editor Featured Image state not updating issue fixing
  • Fixed – Instructor Details Wrong Date showing issue
  • Fixed – Without Enrolled Course Review system hide
  • Fixed – Instructor Can’t view Instructor Admin panel Pages
  • Fixed – Instructor Role Generate Not working issue
  • Added – Frontend Dashboard Instructor Pages
  • Added – Frontend Dashboard Profile & Cover Photo Upload System
  • Added – Frontend Dashboard User Profile Edit and Password Reset Systems
  • Added – Frontend Dashboard Review menu
  • Added – Frontend Dashboard Woocommerce Purchase History menu
  • Added – Instructor Add & Remove system Added
  • Added – Admin Panel added Student List menu
  • Added – Fronted Admin top bar menu added for frontend dashboard
  • Updated – Course & Lesson Editor data saving experience update
  • Updated – Courses Page UI Update
  • Updated – Course Detals Page UI Update
  • Updated – Frontend Dashboard Page UI Update
  • Updated – Student Registration Page UI Update
  • Updated – Instructor Registration Page UI Update
  • Updated – Enrolled Student Course Lesson Page UI Update
  • Few minor bug fix & improvements

1.0.3 – 02/08/2021

  • Added – Question and Answer
  • Update – Enrolled User lesson player Page UI update
  • Few minor bug fix & improvements

1.0.2 – 24/07/2021

  • Added – Instructor public profile page
  • Added – Woocommerce course product show/hide inside shop page
  • Added – Settings page new option
  • Few minor bug fix & improvements

1.0.1 – 15/07/2021

  • Compatibility – Fix UI issue for Astra, oceanWP theme Compatibility.
  • Few minor bug fix & improvements

1.0.0 – 13/07/2021

  • Added – Admin analytic
  • Added – HTML5 video support
  • Added – Self hosted video support
  • Fixed – Default settings data not saved after update
  • Fixed – User profile meta data not saved
  • Updated- User Lesson play UI update
  • Added – Topic Search system added
  • Added – Course Builder instant create new lesson
  • Few minor bug fix & improvements

0.2.2 – 26/06/2021

  • Added – Course Archive column control settings
  • Added – Course Preview Video
  • Added – Closed Enrollment
  • Updated – Admin Page UI Update
  • Updated – Unnecessary redux data fetching issue on admin SPA
  • Fixed – Academy frontend scripts global loading issue fixing
  • Fixed – Not showing author username on admin lesson
  • Fixed – Lesson Youtube Video not playing issue
  • Fixed – Course archive Woocommerce price not showing the issue

0.2.1 – 19/06/2021

  • Fixed – WooCommerce Related Minor Improvement and Bug Fixing

0.2.0 – 19/06/2021

  • Added – WooCommerce Integration

0.1.0 – 15/06/2021

  • Added – Course wishlist

0.0.6 – 13/06/2021

  • Fixed – Hot Fix for v0.0.5 issue

0.0.5 – 13/06/2021

  • Updated – Course details page UI update
  • Minor Improvement and Bug Fixing

0.0.4 – 12/06/2021

  • Added – admin menu bar course edit link
  • Update – admin course list view show author username insted of author id
  • Bug Fixed – Lesson content data not insert issue
  • Updated – Course admin page url update for new course
  • Updated – Lesson admin page url update for new lesson
  • Minor Improvement and Bug Fixing

0.0.3 – 11/06/2021

  • Added – course single page topics lists
  • Updated – course single page UI
  • Minor Improvement and Bug Fix

0.0.2 – 06/06/2021

  • Minor Improvement and Bug Fix

0.0.1 – 05/06/2021

  • Initial beta release